Awesome ways to decorate with timber

Decorating your house is both exciting and daunting. You need to come up with creative ideas to put your own stamp on the place, but what if everything you think of has been done before? If you want to be seriously innovative, you should look into decorating with timber. Timber can provide an exciting, rustic aesthetic that is different to many interior design options on the market today. If you are interested in transforming your home into a rustic retreat, read on for some awesome ways to decorate with timber. 

Create a log wall

Rather than going for the usual exposed brick wall, you could opt to create a quirky log wall. It is easy to create and so versatile that you might find yourself using this technique on more than one wall in your house.

You can stack the logs in the same way that you stack firewood, but be sure that all of the logs have been sanded and varnished, as they are for decoration and not for use. If you have a niche or cubby space (such as wall shelving) then you can use smaller pieces of timber or logs to create a unique feature on a neutral wall. You could also use circular offcuts to create visual interest, as these are easier to arrange on a wall and can simply be stuck in any arrangement using double-sided tape or small hooks and nails.

Introduce driftwood elements

Driftwood is a cheap, easy and effective way to bring timber or wood elements into your home. You can even use it outside as part of your fencing if you want to give your garden a beach-like feeling.

Be sure that you have cleaned the driftwood properly before placing it in your home, as it can be sticky and grimy from the beach. You can use larger pieces of driftwood as small side tables to keep magazines on, or you could varnish smaller pieces to keep on your mantelpiece as unique rustic art. Driftwood is a popular medium among some artists, so if you find a large enough piece, you could commission an artist to create truly bespoke artwork for your home.

Create art with wood slices

If you do not want to use a lot of timber in your home, but enjoy the look of wood as an element then you can use wood slices from your local timber store to create simple but elegant artwork. Create a cluster of three or four wood slices and paint them in bright colours for a unique (and affordable) piece of wall art or simply sand and varnish them for a more modern look.

Wood slices can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as painting them with black chalk paint and using them as fridge magnet reminders or as placemats for those pesky coffee mugs that get left out. You could create a large wall hanging artwork by connecting a large amount of wood slices together in a pattern for an effective but inexpensive talking piece in your living room or lounge.

A plank mosaic wall

If you have timber fencing and diamond mesh fencing lying around that is not being used, you can use these to create a quirky decorative plank mosaic. You can use the diamond mesh fencing as an extra decorative element, or keep your mosaic as solely wood and paint it in pastel colours for visual interest.

You will need to be sure that all of your planks are sanded before you create your mosaic wall, as this will help to avoid splinters. And if you are going to be varnishing them, it will be easier to varnish them before you place them on the wall. You can place the planks vertically or horizontally, and you do not have to cover the entire wall. Ensure that the wood is safely secured and that there are no sharp edges within easy reach of children or pets.

Wooden pallet furniture

If you have a verandah or patio that needs some furniture, you can use wooden pallets to create stunning, shabby-chic benches and tables, as long as you have the right tools and know-how. You will need to measure the pallets and the space before doing any cutting and painting of the wood.

Wooden pallets are highly affordable and you can find them at many timber yards or even at some grocery store’s loading bays. Be sure that whatever you buy is not rotting and that it is not too old, otherwise it might break over time. Look for a proper outdoor sealant to cover the furniture in, and ensure that it makes the wood waterproof as it will likely be kept outside. You can make funky, coloured cushions to cover the benches. Or, if you prefer a minimalist look, opt for simple colour-block cushions in green tones or monotone shades for a chic outdoor look.