The Best Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Without Breaking the Bank

Once you have done the hard work and found your new apartment, it is now time for the fun part. Decorating an apartment can be a bit of a challenge and an expensive venture. How do you make the most of your limited space while also creating a functional and stylish area? Below are some hand ways to achieve this without having to break the bank.

Tip 1: Things don’t have to match

If you find a piece of furniture that you really love, let it be the stand out that it’s meant to be! Don’t become obsessed with finding a matching side table for your coffee table or making things look like they are a set. This can sometimes dilute the individual elements that made you fall in love with the piece in the first place. This can also help with the budget as you can split sets with a friend meaning you both have a unique piece as your feature, It’s like the interior design version of a friendship bracelet!


Tip 2: The intended use of an object isn’t a rule

Found a cool ornament that is meant for the garden but you don’t have one? Put it inside! Recycle an old couch cushion for a pet lounge. You can have a lot of fun by looking at objects in a different way, and it will create some unique style points for your apartment design. Let your creativity run wild and spend some time at auction houses or antique stores with an out-of-the-box approach!

Tip 3: Cheap but expensive

Affordable accessories are everywhere, their quality is improving, and they can add serious personality to a room. Inexpensive Chinese porcelain, placemats and above all, art. Etsy has a vast range of amazing artworks from independent artists that will not break the bank and when grouped on a wall have a stunning impact. Plus you are supporting up and coming artists and breaking away from the popular prints that everyone has.

Tip 4: Customise

Get creative with flooring! You can create a unique mosaic look for your entrance with standard 12-inch-square stone tiles.


  1. Outline a space with a border by using the 12-inch tiles
  2. Add three rows of two-inch-square tiles
  3. Fill in the centre with the 12-inch tiles

You can also lay tiles in a staggered, 
running-brick or herringbone pattern to give a different look. Just be warned, if you aren’t skilled at DIY home modifications, executing the design you have in your mind can be a nightmare, make sure you do your preparation before you start securing tiles.

You can also apply the same ideas to the artwork. An inexpensive piece of art can look completely different (and far more expensive) by making use of oversized matting ornate frames. An eight-inch matt will give a small print a much bigger, and pricer, personality.

Tip 5: Recycle your things

Continuously re-envision your current possessions. Change your floorplan and move furniture into new rooms. Re-paint, reupholster, and breathe new life into your possessions. This is yet another reason why you should purchase quality items instead of hordes of throwaway things. If you are buying pieces you truly love, they never get old!

Apply this same theory to secondhand stores for well-priced, quality finds. A simple refinish on an item that someone has considered junk will reveal a unique and cost-effective piece that you may have forever! Originality is key to good design, especially in apartment developments where ideas are often repeated. If you really want your place to impress, work as much of your creativity, personality and originality into it as you can.