The best ways to makeover your bathroom when trying to sell

When the time comes to renovate and makeover the house in preparation for a sale, every single room and area will be under scrutiny. This includes the bathroom, which is a rather important room that potential buyers consider when viewing the house.

Here are some of the best ways to makeover your bathroom and have buyers ready to make an offer as soon as they see it.

A fresh coat of paint

Don’t underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do. White bathroom walls always seem white until you repaint a line over it. It’s quite shocking how off-putting the colour can be,  but take this opportunity to introduce a feature colour wall in the bathroom or change the colour scheme completely.

White can stay, but introduce another subtle colour to make the room more interesting. Blue is a great colour for relaxation, grey a solid colour for sophistication and green the best colour to radiate positivity. Remember to introduce the colours as subtle tones that don’t overpower the room. And when it comes to matching the walls, make sure your bathroom sets and any furnishings complement, not clash.

New bathroom tiles

Patterned tiles are big in the home renovation sector for both the kitchen and bathroom specifically. It’s one way to add character to the room and make an otherwise all-white bathroom more interesting. A lot of fun can be had with tiles by arranging them along the floor and walls.

Tiles are clean, modern and the preferred material to be had in the bathroom. But if you don’t have new bathroom tiles in your makeover budget, then the least you could do is clean up the tiles you do have. Clean out your grout and make a statement by using a colour grout other than white. Glitter grout is a trend, and if you’re not going to be adding any patterned or statement tiles to the bathroom, it’s the least you could do to change things up a bit.

Upgrade the plumbing fixtures

The leaks and plumbing issues should always be taken care of as soon as an issue arises. But if you’ve been living with a cracked cold-tap handle that only turns if you apply pressure in the right way, it’s time to change that.

What you also need to understand is that if you upgrade one plumbing fixture, you have to upgrade them all to  keep a common theme running through the bathroom. Mix-matched fixtures will only scare prospective buyers away.

So, what counts as plumbing fixtures? Well, that would be the shower head, shower, bath and basin taps, as well as the toilet flushing system. This is also a chance for you to make your bathroom more eco-friendly and water-saving by buying the water-smart fixtures. And every buyer loves an eco-friendly home.

A plant or two

While we’re being eco-friendly, why not add a few indoor plants to your bathroom? This will (literally) give life to the room, keep the air as fresh as possible and is an affordable way to decorate.

Adding greenery to the home is another trend in home décor that’s making its rounds this year. It may be the extra detail that knocks the “sold” sign into your property. Especially if it’s complemented by new fixtures, patterned tiles and a fresh coat of paint.

Have a grand mirror

What is a bathroom without a grand mirror above the basin? Not one that very many people will be interested in, that’s for sure. Now, it may seem counterproductive to invest in a new mirror if you’re planning on taking it with you once you sell the house, but it’s one way to show buyers the potential the bathroom has to effortlessly exude luxury and style.

A mirror won’t be a waste to buy because you’ll definitely be using it in your new bathroom. Having a larger mirror will reflect the rest of the beauty the bathroom has, and it will highlight the light off the walls and keep the entire room in-view while someone brushes their teeth in the morning. This way they also have different things to look at other than themselves.

Leave some open spaces for interpretation

Yes, we just mentioned that it helps to fully-furnish a room to help potential buyers get an idea of what a room is capable of. But it’s also good to leave some open spaces for their own interpretation of what can be done.

This gives them the opportunity to personally connect with the room and plan out what they are going to add once they buy the house. So, you could consider this as a sales tactic as well. Leave a space where one could add seating or a side table for example. Let them play with the idea of making the space their own and your makeover efforts won’t have to cost you too much at all.