Budget-friendly nursery ideas for new parents

Based on social media, magazine articles and other public platforms, it’s easy to believe that building a nursery for your precious newborn is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Depending on how expensive your taste is, nursery decor and furniture can add up quickly, but there are many ways to stretch your money and make the most of what you have. Keep things simple, minimalistic and workable.

While the plan is always to decorate for a baby, it’s important to think ahead and try to buy decorations and furniture that you would use for other reasons in years to come.

Here are a few modern ideas and tips for designing a nursery:

  • Start with a clutter-free mindset

Before you begin to plan or prepare a nursery room, remember to keep things as simple as possible. When you have a clutter-free environment, you will be less stressed (which is what you need when you’re a first-time parent). There are many ways to make an empty room look beautiful, especially when you have a keen eye for detail and want to add a special touch in the smallest of ways. When you start furniture shopping, look for clean units, trinket elements and light, subtle fixtures. You will also need to work according to a specific theme and consider items that are functional and versatile.

  • Be minimal with your crib bedding

It’s always tempting to decorate your baby’s room and crib with an array of fluffy toys, pictures and photographs of them as they grow older. But the more extravagant and creative you get, the more you will spend on your baby’s nursery. If you want to stay within budget, stick to neutral colours and try to add a pop of colour through the art you hang on the walls or the colour you decide to paint the room. Keep your baby’s bedding simple, and rather style around the furniture to add your own unique style.

  • Don’t buy an expensive crib

As mentioned, nursery and children’s furniture is costly. From a long-term, financial perspective, it is advised that you do not splurge on a crib. Look for budget-friendly options and try to find units that can be converted into another type of furniture the minute your child grows out of their crib. Spending large portions of money on your baby’s nursery needs to be justified by future opportunities. Whatever you purchase, try to stretch the item to be an investment for years to come.

  • Be smart with your art choices

The direction that modern wall art is moving towards is that of a more contemporary look and feel. For instance, an art piece that could be incorporated in your home’s decor scheme as well. Be it animal footprints, a floral pattern or something more abstract, be smart with your choices. If you can, source your own imagery and get it printed at a local photographic store as this will save you plenty of money. With everything, weigh up the time and money spent on purchasing your own materials and then transforming them into a DIY project before you consider buying something. This way, you’ll be on budget and you will be able to design something that looks unique, sophisticated and visually-appealing.

  • Add more seating to the room

It would be worthwhile adding some additional seating to your nursery such as a couch. This will allow you to bring guests over to play with your newborn baby on the couch. While you might want to look at buying an expensive, designer piece to make a statement, you should rather consider buying a causal couch that you can dress up with a couch protector cover. A couch protector will save you plenty of cleaning in unfortunate events when your baby decides to mess on the couch. When your baby grows up, you can remove the cover and repurpose it as a statement piece. But if you’d rather protect it, you can stock up the many cover protectors available in South Africa to keep your couch looking new.

  • Get creative with your painting

You’ll be surprised at how much a fresh lick of paint can transform a room. Think about incorporating some modern and quirky geometric designs on the wall or simply paint one wall a different (and darker) colour. Painting the walls is a cost-effective way to get creative and decorate on a budget.

Final thoughts

Most of these tips are here to help you stick to your budget and make subtle changes in your layout. After all, you do need to make it childlike and special for your precious bundle of joy, but always think ahead and try to spend as little as possible unless absolutely necessary. Having a baby is a beautiful and fun experience. Don’t let the financial pressures of decorating a nursery get you down.