Is CCTV right for your guesthouse?

Being a guesthouse owner or manager means that you have to put the needs of your guests first. This means that you have to put their safety first, too. You can do this by installing CCTV cameras on your property and employing a professional video display wall controller.

A CCTV system will allow you to keep watch on all the comings and goings on your property so that you can see if there is any suspicious activity happening on your premises. Below are some of the other reasons why you might want to consider CCTV for your guesthouse.

Reduce the possibility of intruders

One of the most effective ways to deter possible intruders is to install a CCTV camera system in and around your guesthouse. This works so well because intruders are afraid of being caught in the act, and subsequently caught by the police.

You will be able to see any possible intruder entering your property, and have your video display wall controller contact the police as soon as they see any suspicious activity happening. Situate your cameras around exit and entrance points so you can see guests as they enter and leave, as well as to see if they bring in anyone who is not a guest at the hotel or who seems suspicious.

Useful for criminal defence

If a perpetrator is caught in the act, having CCTV surveillance will make it much easier to apprehend and sentence. Providing proof to your insurance company of any crimes will strengthen your case and will make it quicker and easier for you to claim from them too.

The police also prefer dealing with guest houses or hotels that use CCTV and have a video wall display controller to watch over the screens. This is because it provides reliable and unbiased footage of the incident which is more useful and accurate than any eye-witness report. If a perpetrator has robbed you or damaged your property, then the police can use this footage on social media or newspaper outlets to try and catch the criminals.

It keeps your guests safe

This is one of the major benefits of having CCTV in your guesthouse. Keeping your guests safe and secure while they stay with you is not only good for business but ensures that their time with you is positive and that they did not feel uncomfortable or in danger.

It is important to remember that you will need to put up signage denoting that there is CCTV in use in your guesthouse, as it could be seen as an invasion of privacy if you do not alert guests to the fact that they are being recorded. Your guests will be able to go about their day, leaving and returning to your guest house without having to worry about the safety of their possessions while they are not there.

It keeps your staff safe

Your staff are what keeps your guesthouse running, so you need to keep their safety in mind as a top priority. CCTV systems allow you to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity that could harm your employees, such as intruders or even guests who might be acting suspiciously.

Your staff are most likely busy concentrating on keeping guests happy, which means that they will not be aware of any criminal behaviour on the premises, and if they are, they could be in danger if they attempt to approach the criminals. A video display wall controller can spot this criminal activity quickly and can contact your security company or the police as soon as possible, ensuring that your employees are safe and secure at all times.

It helps with loss prevention

If you have a gift store or a cafe on your guest house property, having CCTV can help you to combat theft from visitors or staff in these areas. If you do not monitor your gift store, you will lose more money than you might think, as guests will feel bold enough to steal because they are not being monitored.

You will also be able to stop theft from employees in these areas, as well as in common areas such as hallways or recreational rooms. You can also see what your employees are doing with their time, and whether they are committing ‘time theft’ by not working properly during working hours. This will help to prevent further loss and will help you to judge who is performing well and should be promoted, or who should be let go due to inferior performance.

Safety is always a top priority

Many guesthouse owners use their own property for the guest house, which means that you will need to consider the safety of your property above all else. Having a CCTV system as well as a professional video display wall controller on-site will allow you to keep your property safe, as well as providing evidence for any insurance claims and allowing you to monitor staff performance to ensure your guests are getting the best possible service.