Checklist for moving into your first flat

There is no feeling more exhilarating than the feel of new beginnings. Whether you are a student, or have just freshly graduated, nothing can replace the thrilling sensations that come with moving into your very own place, for the very first time. When you are about to move into a new place you may experience a mixture of emotions, such as jubilation at the triumph of finally being independent but also a nerve- wracking feeling of the responsibility you are about to endure. Whatever the feeling, there are a few factors that need to be looked at before you sign that lease.

Here are a few things to lookout for when you move into your first apartment.


The location of your first apartment must be the first factor to take into consideration. You need to make sure that the apartment that you choose will meet your budget and you are able to afford living there.


The atmosphere surrounding your apartment will have a major impact on your happiness.  The place you choose must suit your personality type. If peace and tranquility are essential for your wellbeing, you may want to keep away from the hustle and bustle of an area that is busy with shopping centers and clubs. Maybe you are a nature lover and want a place where you can take long walks with your dogs or spend hours in a park reading; these are all factors to consider when choosing an apartment.


Security should be a key player when selecting accommodation. Before you decide that you are going to move into your apartment, it is imperative that you research the crime rate in your area. Make sure that you get as much information from your potential neighbours and the local police in that area. Find out the crime activities that have occurred recently. Take the time to investigate your new apartment building. Are the windows broken?  Or is there chipped paint on walls? Deteriorated water pipes? If your landlord neglects to attend the maintenance of his building, chances are he also disregards security.

Roommate check

Having a roommate can help drastically with lowering you rent, but they must be chosen wisely. You will spend a substantial amount of time with your roommate so it’s essential that you share with someone you are comfortable with. A quick background check can help. Do they love loud music? How tidy are they? Will they bring their friends over? Are they fine with sharing duties such as cleaning the kitchen or bathroom sets? These questions need to be asked in order to have a peaceful time with your roommate.


Do a thorough inspection of your new home. All the rooms should have a window that can be opened. The windows, kitchen and bathroom should not have any mould. The mould may come in different colours, such as grey, green and black. Take special caution if the windows have black mould as this is hazardous. Aspects such as the light switches should also be investigated. You should also ask for provision to get new locks on your doors and replace the old ones for safety purposes.

Investigate the neighbourhood

The neighboured chosen must be examined thoroughly. The neighbourhood you may be interested in may differ during certain times. Viewing your apartment at specific times might not give you the full picture of your neighbourhood’s true characteristics. During the weekend the neighbourhood may seem quiet and peaceful, but then in the week it may be busy and noisy. For example, your neighbourhood may be near a train station and on weekends it is quiet because there are not a lot of people commuting to work. Then during the week there’s a lot of activity.


If you do not have your own vehicle,it is important to make sure that you will be able to commute to work easily and that there is an accessible transportation mode nearby.

We all have to cut the umbilical cord at some point and venture out on our own. It is imperative that we gain full knowledge of the place we choose to call home. The place you choose greatly impacts your daily life. The apartment should be your sanctuary and the place that is your escape. There are major factors that people neglect such as choosing an apartment because it is cheap and then disregarding the safety of the neighbourhood. Or they don’t pay attention to little factors such as the noise level and it ends up driving them up the wall. All aspects should be considered in order to have a comfortable stay in the apartment.

Before signing on those dotted lines, make sure that you have done your research on your neighbourhood and the apartment building.