How to choose art for your new house

Being a new homeowner gives you a sense of security, financial stability and independence. This includes the independence to decorate however you see fit. You could choose to go the Bohemian route, hanging dream catchers and brightly coloured tapestries from walls.

You could even choose to hang African art from your walls to showcase your proud heritage. If you are looking to decorate with art, outlined below are some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect art for your new house.

Consider scale first

The most important step on your journey to choosing African art, or any art for that matter, for your walls is to consider the scale of the art your are interested in.The scale of a painting or sculpture can make or break a room, so it is important to measure the room you are planning to place it in.

You should avoid placing beautiful but small paintings on their own on a large white wall, or placing a large sculpture in the corner of a small dining room. Look for items with measurements between 30 cm to 120 cm, as these are easier to manage in all sized houses. Large paintings and large sculptures when combined together may not be visually pleasing, so look for artwork of differing sizes to decorate your new home.

Look at a lot of art before making your decision

This is important even for those who already know their own tastes well. You need to look at as much art as possible before making a decision on what to buy. In addition to looking at galleries and and museums, you could look at local outdoor exhibitions, non-profit galleries and online.

You should remember to research both the artwork and the artist, as you may find other work of theirs that better suits your visual ideals. African art, such as that by Osborne Macharia, may not suit every home but if you look for other work by these artist you will surely find something that piques your interests. Instead of buying the first painting or sculpture you see, look around and carefully examine all of your options first.

Colour matters… or does it?

Trying to match an artwork to the colour scheme of your living room or lounge might seem like the right way to go, but it can be tricky and nearly impossible to do so. It is an acceptable form of choosing artwork for a new home, but it is not the only method you should choose.

Your living room might be a concerto of cream and beige, but finding a painting or sculpture in the same colours will prove highly difficult. Sometimes it is better to look for a painting that has been created in the exact opposite colours as the room it will be placed in. You could opt for black and white for a room that is filled with bright hues or a vibrant abstract to contrast a monotone, minimalist dining room.

Trust your gut

When looking for art, it is tempting to choose something that is popular or a piece by an artist who has received a lot of positive reviews. While this is good practice for someone who does not know what style they prefer or what art they are looking for, it is much better to trust your instincts.

Your home should represent you and your personality, rather than simply being a place where art hangs. If you see a piece that you absolutely love, then you should buy it. It is something that represents your tastes, and remember that art is a long term investment, so you should invest in a piece or pieces that you enjoy looking at. Up-and-coming African art is a good choice for someone looking to invest in art. Your instinct is what you should rely over online reviews or gallery owners trying to sell work that is not popular.

Art is subjective

Art does not have to match your room exactly, you can be eclectic with your choices if you desire. A traditional room can take on modern art, while a modern room can offer visual interest if adorned with a more traditional style of painting.

Mixing and matching your art and the style of the room it is in is a clever design choice, allowing you to create visual impact and interest without having to set up a focal point in the room. A few key pieces of traditional African art in a monotone, contemporary room can be effective and shows off your personality. Abstract prints are clever additions to a room designed around the French boudoir aesthetic. Whatever you choose, be sure it is something that you can look at daily for years to come.