How to choose your home decor style

Decorating your home is a thrilling experience, you will be able to create your own oasis in the middle of thehustle and bustle of the outside world. However, it is slightly more difficult if you do not know what your own personal decor style actually is. You might find that what you originally thought was your ‘style’ does not match the ideas you have for your house and vice versa. Below is some information on how to choose your home decor style to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Ask yourself some questions

One way to discover your personal home decor style is to take a notebook into a specific room in your house. Many people choose their bedrooms, because people tend to spend a significant amount of time in the bedroom, curled up and relaxing on a soft Cloud Nine bed, reading or napping.


Once you are settled in the room of your choice, you will need to ask yourself some questions:

  • Why do you love this space?
  • How does the room feel to you?
  • What is your favourite aspect of this room?
  • What are your favourite pieces of furniture in the room and why?
  • Is there a colour in the room that you love?


Once you have done this for a room that you love being in, move onto other rooms in the house and be sure to keep these notes handy when deciding on decor. Include things that you dislike about your rooms too, to help you pinpoint your preferences.

Analyse what you have written down

Once you have made clear and concise notes about the rooms in your house, it is time to analyse them in order to get the most out of them for your decorating process. You may discover that you prefer neutral colours, enjoy clean lines and geometric lines and prefer a space to be comfortable and uncluttered.

If you look at your least favourite room (which could be your home office or your spare, unused bedroom) and find that this room has little to no elements that your favourite room has then you will need to include these elements in order to make your home feel cohesive. You could decide on a colour scheme to suit all rooms of your house or a style that is easily translated into all rooms. Having Cloud Nine beds in all bedrooms will help to have a sense of synchronicity for family members and guests.

Look at other areas of your life for hints

An interesting and effective way to help you choose your home decor style is to look at other areas of your life for hints. What is an area that shows your taste and style well? It could be your wardrobe or even your cooking style.

These other areas of your life can help you to clearly see your style preferences, such as having a minimal wardrobe meaning that you may prefer minimal decor. If you like spicier food, a Mexican or Spanish inspired decor style might suit you. Again, making a list of any trends that you see in your wardrobe or cooking style will help you to hone your decor style. You could even ask friends or family members for their perspectives on what your ‘style’ is.

Explore your neighbourhood

A unique way to gauge your decor style is to take a walk in your neighbourhood and take note of which houses you are drawn to the most. Is it the more contemporary houses that catch your eye, or do you find yourself lingering on more traditionally styled houses?

Observe what catches your eye and what feels best to you, including the way your neighbours have decorated their porches and patios. Be sure to stop and pause in front of the homes that pull you in but be sure to ask your neighbours for permission for any further viewings of their home’s exterior or interior. Traditional houses may mean that you prefer clean lines and muted colours, while more modern houses draw in those who prefer bold colours and unique shapes.

Vacation memories can help

Have you visited a place recently that has stuck in your mind, inspiring your wardrobe and even your cuisine? It could be an exotic beach vacation or time spent in the mountains: these vacation memories can help to inspire a different look and feel for your home.

If you enjoyed spending time soaking up the sun on a tropical beach then you may enjoy having bright colours around you to inspire that same energy. The muted, earthy hues of a mountain getaway can help to arouse a Zen-like atmosphere. Using these cherished memories to inspire your decor will mean that you can relive them every day simply by relaxing in your mountain retreat bedroom on a soft Cloud Nine mattress or by indulging in a bubble bath in your tropical bathroom.

Keep it personal

Your home is your haven, which means that you should always inject your own personality and personal style into every room. Ask yourself some questions and make a list of everything you like and dislike about the rooms in your house, and keep this list handy when you go shopping for paint, wallpaper and furniture. You can use other areas of your life for inspiration, such as a Bohemian wardrobe or spicy cooking. Using vacation memories can help to create the ultimate oasis of calm, peace and happiness.