How to choose pet and child-friendly furniture

Looking for new furniture, whether for a new home or to update your current living room, is at once both thrilling and confusing. This is especially true if you have pets or children to take into account. You will need to look for furniture that can handle the wear and tear of cat claws and sticky fingers, so investing in a brand such as Alpine furniture is the perfect first step. Below is some helpful advice on choosing the perfect pet and child-friendly furniture for your home.

Choose the right material

Both children and pets are prone to making messes that need to be cleaned up swiftly and easily. This makes leather the perfect material to choose from, with Alpine leather lounge suites offering stunning choices to suit any decor.

However, if you have a cat (or three, or four) or another pet with claws, then leather might not be the best choice as it can be easily damaged by claws. If your children enjoy drawing with ballpoint pens, avoid materials such as linen or canvas, as these can be difficult when it comes to removing stains. When choosing materials you will need to consider what your pets and children do that could damage the fabric, such as drawing on couches or clawing the legs of chairs.

Colour can make a difference

If you have a light coloured pet, such as a white-furred Pomeranian, choosing dark furniture will only highlight their shedding fur. Similarly, with children, dark furniture will highlight spilt milk or other stains.

Light coloured furniture by Alpine Lounge is ideal for bright, neutral rooms and can be perfect for older children who are less likely to spill or draw on the couches. However, for younger children, it will only highlight any dark stains, such as sticky handprints from jam or a glass of win knocked over by a rambunctious toddler. If you stick with patterned sofas or occasional chairs, you will be able to hide these stains until you can clean your furniture next.

Find furniture that keeps its shape

While you may enjoy the idea of sinking down into a plush loveseat at the end of a long working day, the chances are that your children and pets will have the same idea, which could mean that the furniture loses its shape after time.

Rather opt for straight lined or rectangular furniture that is designed to keep its shape, much like some of the options from Alpine furniture. These pieces will hold their shape for longer while still offering comfort and luxury. Your children will be able to sit on them comfortably, without the risk of them damaging delicately curved arms, and your pets might be dissuaded from sitting on something that is not plush and deep.

Be practical when choosing decor

Decor is a part of a room and is often the element that ties it all together. However, with children and pets, your decor needs to be more practical than decorative. Choose items that are easy to clean and hard to break, such as wooden sculptures for coffee tables or plastic potted plants for window sills.

Make sure your cushion covers, rugs and throws are all machine washable, because if they are not, you will find cleaning them time-consuming and difficult. Look for cushions in fabrics such as velvet, velour and linen, all of which are porous and easy to clean. If you enjoy having knick-knacks around your house, then be sure to place them out of reach of children (and kittens, who enjoy jumping and climbing).

Designate a space for children and pets

If you have the room in your house, you should designate a space for your children and pets to play in, where they are away from your furniture or expensive decorative items. You could set up a playpen for your children, full of their favourite toys or designate an area for your pet using the same equipment you would for your children.

For pets, be sure to buy them a pet bed that is used solely for them to sleep and relax on. It will be covered in their scent, marking it as theirs and making it less likely that they will climb up onto your furniture. Setting out an area for your children or pets will also give them a sense of independence, as they will have their own space to play in, without having to worry about staining or damaging furniture.

Final thoughts

Decorating and furnishing a house that is shared with children and pets does not have to be a difficult process. If you consider the material of your lounge suite before purchasing, the buying process will be much easier. Choosing the right colour will also help, especially if you need to disguise stains before cleaning day. Opt for furniture that keeps its shape, even after wear and tear, and designate a play area for both pets and children to ensure the longevity of your furniture.