How to choose the right curtains for your granny flat

Decorating and furnishing a granny flat can be exciting, but it can also be difficult as you need to make it appealing to whoever will be living or renting there. You will need to consider all of the finishing touches, such as looking for curtains for sale that match the overall colour scheme and decor of the room or choosing couch slipcovers that are both stylish and functional. 


One of the most important aspects of furnishing a granny flat is to ensure that your renters or family members have privacy, which includes installing curtains. If you are unsure of how to even start looking for curtains, below are some top tips on how to make the process easier.

Consider the type of curtains

Whether you are looking for bedroom curtains or something to keep the sun at bay in the lounge, you will need to consider what type of curtains will best suit your needs. There are two different types of curtains that you can consider.


  • Ready-made: Ready-made curtains for sale are an excellent idea if you are working on a tight budget and simply want to upgrade the space. They are ready-to-hang right out of the shop and are available in a unique variety of colours and designs. However, one of the drawbacks is that they are only available in limited sizes, so you will have to go to the store with your measurements at the ready.




  • Made-to-measure: Choosing custom curtains allows you to tailor them to suit all of your needs. You will be able to decide on the colour of the fabric, the type of the fabric, the exact length to fit your windows, as well as tiebacks and headings for a bespoke look to suit your interior decor.


Once you have decided on what type of curtains best suit your needs, you can move onto the next step in the process.

Look at the colour and the fabric

Whether you are looking at ready-made curtains for sale or having them made to your specifications, some of the most important aspects to keep in mind include the colour of the fabric and the type of fabric the curtains are made from.

If the fabric is too heavy, it will not fold crisply when the curtains are drawn, crumpling unattractively instead. A fabric that is too light will not fall well and will need to be lined to keep the light out. Colour-wise, it is best to go with neutral colours, as the granny flat is not meant to represent your own personality and neutral tones tend to handle sunlight well and are less likely to fade.

Privacy and lighting

Curtains offer a sense or privacy to a room, which is one of the aspects that granny flat renters hold most important. Depending on the space in which you are installing the curtains, you will need to consider how much light you want to filter out.

If you are choosing curtains for a common area, such as a living or dining room, you should opt for something sheer or brightly coloured to allow in more light. If you are installing bedroom curtains, choose heavier and darker fabric, as this will allow for more privacy and better night-time lighting. For spaces that let in a lot of natural sunlight, choose fabric with natural colours, such as green or brown, as sunlight tends to fade bright curtains faster.

Take the right measurements

Many people think that, because a granny flat is small, it does not need long or wide curtains. However, you will need to take the right measurements of your windows before you head out to a fabric or curtain store in order to ensure that the curtains are the right length, width and have the right number of drops.

You will need to measure from the the height from rod to floor, remembering to account for the weight of the rings and hanging hardware, as well as how much space you want between the rod and floor. When you measure the width of your curtain, you will need to think about how full you want your curtains to be. For a draped look, the curtains should be three times as wide as the window. For a tailored look, opt for curtain panels 2 inches wider than the window.

Take your tenants into consideration

The chances are that you will not be living in your granny flat, which means that you will need to consider the tastes of the tenants who will be staying there. You will need to stick to neutral tones and hues, and choose materials to suit the room rather than your own personal taste. Decide on ready-made or made-to-measure curtains for sale, look at the colour and fabric of what is on offer and don’t forget about how lighting and privacy are affected by these. Soon you will have a granny flat that looks neatly put together with the perfect curtains.