How to create the perfect shared bedroom for kids

How to create the perfect shared bedroom for kids

Children do not often enjoy sharing things that they see as “theirs”, and this is especially true when it comes to bedrooms. However, if it is necessary for them to share a bedroom due to circumstances, you will need to make the bedroom perfect in order for everyone to be happy. 

This means looking for bedding in South Africa that all of the children who will be using the bedroom like, choosing decor that everyone enjoys and creating a sense of fun and relaxation in the room. Below are some top tips on how to create the perfect shared bedroom for kids.

Put privacy first

Whether the bedroom is shared between sisters of similar ages, brothers where one is younger and the other older, or a brother and sister, you will need to think of privacy before all other aspects.

You could use a shelf as a room divider, so each child has storage space and is able to retreat into their own place if they feel like being alone for a while. Or you could use a screen painted in colours to match the room to give the illusion of an extra wall dividing the room. Whatever you choose, you will need to ensure that it is stable and secured to the wall or floor so that young children cannot knock it over and hurt themselves or each other.

Choose a colour scheme

This is the next most important step, as the colour scheme should reflect both of your children’s tastes in order for both of them to feel included. You will need to choose bedding sets to match the colours, so be sure that the colours your children choose are not too garish and don’t clash with each other.

The most successful shared bedrooms have a cohesive overall theme and colour scheme, with separate areas for each child to express their individual tastes. You could consider a neutral colour for the walls and floor, as well as identical bedroom furniture and then allow each child to choose their own bedding sets in their favourite colours. Another option is to allow each child to choose a wall in the room and paint or wallpaper it in a colour or design they like.

Make sure there is enough storage

No matter how many children will be sleeping in the shared bedroom, you will need to ensure that there is enough storage for everyone. A highly effective way to integrate storage into a bedroom is to build vertically, this allows for more floor space and plenty of room for activities.

You could also invest in under-the-bed storage for your children to keep their toys, rather than a bulky toy box that will (inevitably) be left in a mess. Opt for built-in wall units rather than free-standing ones, as they are safer and free up floor space. You could choose to build-in your children’s dressers and opt for chairs that double as storage. Multi-function furniture is both practical and attractive, and you can match it to any bedding in South Africa that fits the bedroom colour scheme.

Consider bed options

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a child’s bedroom is, of course, the bed. For a shared bedroom with younger children, a bunk bed is arguably one of the best options to choose, as it allows plenty of room for play and can be used in smaller bedrooms if you have limited space.

For older children and teenagers, you should invest in separate single or three-quarter sized beds. Older children and especially teeangers prefer to have their own space to sleep and relax, so a single bed allows them to do this with ease. If the room is big enough, you could have two double beds, but you will need to be practical about space as even teenagers need activity areas.

Two of everything

If your children are like all other children, then sharing is not in their vocabulary. It can cause issues if you do not buy similar or the same things for both children, so nip this in the bud by buying two of everything when furnishing the bedroom.

This does not mean that every inch of the bedroom has to match exactly, but that you should buy one of each item for your children, so that there is no squabbling. It will also allow the room to look more symmetrical and tidy, as having two of everything makes choosing decor a lot easier and more streamlined. Two of everything can look great in a room for two children, but be sure that they are allowed to inject their own choices and personality into the room. If you have children of different genders, having two of the same thing might be tricky, so be sure that this matching decor is neutral enough that both children are happy to share the look between them.