Create the ultimate bachelor pad

A bachelor pad is the ultimate place to relax and simply ‘be’ after a long day of work or errand-running. It is the place where you can be yourself, and your decor and furnishings should reflect your personality. The ultimate bachelor pad should be a place that is at once both comfortable and stylish, so read on for tips on how to transform your apartment into a bachelor pad to be envied.

Make a decision

The first step in creating the ultimate bachelor pad is to decide what kind of home you want. Do you want a minimalist space with room to entertain or do you want a comfortable space filled with furniture to relax on? Do you prefer modern gadgets or timeless vintage pieces?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a better picture in your mind of how you want your bachelor pad to look. You will need to decide on a colour scheme for each room or for the entire space if it is a studio apartment. The colour scheme should be easy on the eye (after all, you will be looking at your walls and furniture on a daily basis) and your accessories should match accordingly.

Start with the bedroom

We spend a large chunk of our time in our bedrooms, whether it is time spent sleeping or relaxing, so it makes sense to start with this room. You will need to decide on how you want the room to ‘feel’ overall and buy bedding sets, linens and accessories to match that feeling.

Be sure to purchase a bed that offers full back and body support, and look for bedding that is comfortable, breathable and stylish. For a bachelor pad that oozes modern style, opt for a monochrome colour scheme with pops of bright hues for visual interest. If you are more of a traditional man, choose rich jewel tones such as red or blue with accessories to match the traditional aesthetic. Cushions and throws in contrasting colours will help to add depth to a room as well as comfort on wintery nights.

Bigger is better… especially for sofas

After you have decided on how you want your lounge or living room to look, it is important to choose a sofa that is big enough to relax and spread out on. It is the one piece of furniture, aside from your bed, where you will be spending a lot of time so it needs to be large and comfortable.

If you prefer the traditional ‘hunting lodge’ feel, then a leather sofa in dark chocolate brown is an ideal choice. Leather is easy to clean and care for (we all know that low maintenance furniture is what bachelors dream of) and can look stylish in any setting. For those who prefer a more minimal look, a grey or charcoal sofa in linen or wool is the answer. A big sofa is perfect for when friends come to visit and for those days when binge-watching series is a necessity.

Go bespoke

One effective way to create a bachelor pad to be proud of is to look for bespoke items. Choosing items that other people have in their apartments might sound easy but it will not set you apart from the rest, and these furnishings or decor pieces may not suit the image you had in mind.

A gentleman with taste knows that bespoke is the best choice for a bachelor pad that shows off his personality and style. You could look for decor items that are one of a kind, such as wall art by an up-and-coming artist or collectable items such as cigar boxes or unique whiskey bottles.  Be sure that the bespoke options suit the rest of your decor, as a handmade humidor may look great in a very traditional space but will not gel with a minimalist, monochrome room.

Seek out sleek surfaces

For the ultimate in luxury, look for sleek surfaces. You cannot go wrong with stone, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. For a monochrome kitchen, grey marble with flecks of white would add visual interest and be a conversation starter, and for a spa-like bathroom, cool blues and greens are ideal.

To create a stunning bathroom, cover the wall and floors in the same tiles for a seamless, elegant look. If you prefer to be more outspoken and experimental with colour, keep your floors simple and use interesting mosaic tiles on your bathroom walls. They key here is to choose polished stone and porcelain for walls, floors and surfaces for effortless style and a low maintenance bachelor pad.

Keep it personal

While a bachelor pad should be stylish and comfortable, you should also inject your own personality into the space. Look for bespoke items that speak to you and that complement your decor style. Your bedding should match the overall ‘feel’ of your bedroom but should be pleasing to your eye and comfortable. Sleek surfaces and colour block accessories are ideal for a modern, minimalist space while more traditional gentlemen should opt for opulent fabrics and dark woods.