How to create the ultimate Zen bedroom



A bedroom does not have to be a merely functional space. It can be a room you turn to for solace and peace from the business of everyday life. By following this handy how-to list, you will be able to create the ultimate Zen bedroom to while away the time in.

Make sure your bedding matches

One of the most important rules of a Zen space is to eliminate clutter, physical as well as visual. A bedding set that does not match will introduce visual clutter to the room, making it unbalanced and disorganised.

You should always be sure to choose bedding that matches, and comes in calming hues such as blue, green or even dove grey. Try not to choose overly-bright, clashing cushions or accessories for your bed, but rather go for neutral tones or leave cushions and throws off altogether. Not having so much colour and mismatched bedding will calm the eyes and the mind, transforming your bedroom into a peaceful space.

Declutter the space

One major change you can make to your bedroom to make it perfectly Zen is to declutter the space. It costs nothing, aside from time and energy, and is the mantra of a Zen existence. Start by emptying out contents of closets and dressers, then move on to other storage areas such as under-bed and ottoman storage.

Declutter further by removing unnecessary wall art or side tables, creating a more free-flowing and lighter space. Focus on making the room as minimalist as possible without being cold and uninviting. If you absolutely have to keep something, compromise by getting rid of another item that you have not used in the past six months.

Focus on furniture

If you have bedroom furniture that takes up room, you should remove it and focus on having only the essentials in the room. You need a bed and lighting, either on the wall or on side tables and other clutter-inducing bits and pieces are optional. Look into floor lamps instead of having side tables for desk lamps.

If you absolutely have to have chairs or ottomans in your bedroom, choose clean lines in neutral tones, and set them in areas that do not interrupt the natural flow of the room. Storage units should be straight-lined and small so as not to clutter the room or take up floor space that can be used for meditation.

Choose a Zen palette

When creating a Zen bedroom, one of the most important aspects to look at is colour. Neutral colours, such as grey, cream or white. However, you do not have to stick to these colours, and can choose to be unique with muted blues or pastel greens.

Match other furnishings in the room to the wall colour to bring the room together. Bedding sets can be in plain white or off-white, no matter the colour palette, as this will induce a calmer sleep and will add interest to the eye due to the contrast of white against a colour background. Your Zen palette should be in a colour that suits your tastes and helps you to relax.

Light it up

Lighting is a key aspect of one’s mood and state of mind. For a truly Zen bedroom, you should invest in lights that can be dimmed to set the mood and remember that soft lighting coming up from the floor is more soothing than harsh lighting coming from the ceiling above.

The design of the lamps or floor lights is important to consider too. Be sure to choose clean, simple lines and do not choose brightly coloured stands for lamps. If you are using ceiling lighting, choose a lampshade to go over a hanging bulb so the light is not too harsh. Include as much natural lighting as possible for a brighter and more pleasant room.

Bring nature indoors

A touch of nature will help to elevate the feeling of serenity in your bedroom. Incorporate some potted plants to your decor, such as low-maintenance succulents or bonsais. You could bring other elements of nature inside too, such as arranging a pile of interesting stones you have collected or creating a small display of shells and sea-glass.

Bamboo is an ideal indoor plant, as it thrives with minimal effort and will bring a touch of colour to an otherwise neutral room. You can also install a water feature into your bedroom but make sure it is small and unobtrusive. The soothing sound of gently running water can often help with meditation and relaxation techniques.

Most importantly… have fun

Decorating your bedroom should be a fun and exciting process, so be sure not to overthink the Zen-ness of your room. Have fun choosing elements that you enjoy and incorporate your own personality and touches to the room. A Zen bedroom will allow you to fully relax before drifting off into the land of sleep.