How to decorate your child’s home music room

Having a child who is interested in music often means that they require a space to practise their chosen instruments.

You will also need a place to store their many accessories that come with a musical child, so follow these easy tips to decorate a music room your child will love for years to come.

Choose a strong colour scheme

This may not seem as important as sound-proofing or remodelling the room, but it is the first step you should take when decorating a music room. Look for colours that inspire energy and creativity, such as red, orange or even a deep blue.

Having a boldly coloured room will also set it apart from the rest of the house, making it feel more special for your child. They will see their music room as a place where they can go to create music, giving them a sense of purpose. Because younger children enjoy brighter colours and visuals, they will also be more inclined to spend time in their music room. Reds and oranges are great for vitality and purples and blues inspire higher creativity.

Use a sound barrier

If you do not have the money to fully soundproof the room, then look for an effective sound barrier. You may not want to hear your child practising their fifteenth rendition of “Chopsticks” on their Casio keyboard so it is important to have a barrier to dissipate sound.

You could invest in heavy carpeting and drapes to act as a basic sound barrier. Be sure that the drapes are lined, as this will help with keeping the sound confined to the music room. Use the heavy carpeting to act as a buffer to any rooms that may be underneath this room in order to keep the house peaceful during practice sessions.

Surface matters

If your child has some experience with musical instruments, they may want to be able to hear the sound of their instrument reflected in the room. You will need to use hard surfaces on the walls to achieve this, such as wood panelling or even wood laminate on the floors.

Because your child wants to hear the sound reflecting, soundproofing efforts will have to lessen. You could also look into ceramic tiles on the floors and walls to achieve this, as these act in the same manner as wood when reflecting sound. Look for warm wood tones to make the room comfortable and inviting.

Let there be light

Lighting is crucial in a music room, even for amateur musicians. It provides lighting for guitarists to pluck the right chords, pianists to see where their fingers should be and for violinists to place their next note. However, lighting serves a dual purpose in any child’s music room.

As well as allowing the musician to see correctly, the lighting creates atmosphere, especially if you have included a performance space in the music room. You should look for warm white overhead lights rather than cool white, as this will create a more natural feeling. Your child will need a well-lit room for practising and a more toned-down ambience for performing.

Simply seating

Your child’s music room should include a comfortable musicians chair, with an adjustable footrest, cushioned seat and backrest as well as adjustable height. These elements will make sitting and practising an instrument for hours a lot more comfortable and enjoyable for your child.

You should also provide extra seating, such as a sofa, so that if your child is recording their music they can sit somewhere comfortable and listen to the playback in order to make notes. If your child enjoys performing for family and friends, this extra seating is important so that everyone has a place to sit and enjoy the music.

Let your imagination run wild

Once you have the basics down, such as soundproofing, seating and room colour you can let your imagination run free with the rest of the decor. Put up some posters of your child’s favourite musicians or bands, and let them choose some of the accompanying accessories. Be sure to include a desk with notebooks and pens for those times when inspiration hits and they want to write a song or compose a piece of their own. Make the room a creative and energising space and watch their talents grow from strength to strength.