Decorating your bedroom according to your personality type


A perfect bedroom is one that is in sync with your personality. Creating a bedroom that reflects your personality is one way of being comfortable in your skin. To showcase who you are is an important part of self-growth and self-awareness.


Heading for the bed


The bed is a private sanctuary in your entire house and the space where comfort becomes a factor. Your bed ultimately becomes a cloud of warmth, safety and solace; which means that not just any bed will do. For those who adorn luxury, a towering bed, with a draping flare will anchor the bedroom. It will become the focal feature that whispers, “I have arrived.”


If you are more of a laid-back person with a classic style then your bed will have a great wrought iron appeal to it. This classic frame with a cosy quilt will be more up your alley. Statement makers for this style would be button tufts, feminine curves, louvred panels or nailhead trim. Pick the foundation you want, then build your entire room around it. Round off the bed with perfect duvet cover sets.


The effects of lighting


Lighting can affect the overall mood of your bedroom and it’s the easiest way to transform the mood of your room. The creative types will love adding something different to their bedroom. Plug in two symmetrical lamps on either side of the bed or fill in dark corners with floor lamps. Small spaces can be maximized with wall sconces and anchored with a chic pendant light. Glam up your room with rustic, industrial, bare lamps strung from colourful chords, or install a chandelier.


A touch of colour


Never go neutral if you’re an extrovert, you will be hiding your true personality, so have fun with colours. Two-tones are great, but three-tones are even better if you’re a bubbly, outdoor person. Neutral colours can be accented over time without having to go overboard. Choose the kind of tone you generally want to set for your bedroom. Will it be a soothing space where you can recharge at the end of the day, or somewhat of an energetic feel that will get you pumped in the morning? Vibrant colours will get the creative juices flowing, whereas moderate colours will bring about a tranquil atmosphere.