DIY woodwork projects to dress up your garden and patio

It’s a waste of sunshine to stay indoors, especially when you have a patio and garden area outside to relax in and soak up the sun. If your reasoning for staying indoors is because there isn’t much on offer in your garden or on your patio, then we’re happy to tell you that you can easily change that.

To start out, you’re going to need a few things:

  • Wood: You need to find a timber and gum poles supplier so that you will have enough wood to build your furnishings. Make sure they are strong, treated timber poles and the right size for your respective projects.
  • Wood sealant: Once you’ve built your furniture, you will need to protect it with a wood sealant to make it durable against all types of weather conditions. This will need to be done every few months in order for your projects to last you a few summers before requiring any tinkering.
  • Fasteners: Wood glue isn’t going to cut it with the structures we’re going to propose you build. You’re going to need a supply of nails and fasteners to hold your pieces of timber together and make your woodworks safe to use. You’ll also need a hammer, saw and drill to bring all your materials together.
  • Paint: Natural wood is a beautiful colour on its own, especially when incorporated with the rest of nature in the garden. But for your patio, you might prefer to have white washed or bright summer coloured furniture, in which case, you will be needing some paint to apply before the wood sealant.

We are going to look at a variety of DIY woodwork projects that you can do as a beginner woodworker. Put all your energy into them and you’ll have seating, storage and other beautiful wooden furnishings to enjoy. All you’ll need afterwards are a few cushions and tools to decorate them with, and you will have a summer-ready outdoor living space.

Seating projects


When you spend time outside in the garden, you’re going to want to sit or lie down on something that’s, preferably, not the itchy grass. Here are some wooden seating projects you can get started on:

  • Benches: An easy way to assemble your timber poles is into a simple wooden bench. Three panels to make up the seating part, and four bench legs and structures to support the base of the seat’s legs. You can have this project done within a few hours and it’s a great entry-level woodwork project. Throw some scatter cushions on it and place it under a tree in the garden for the perfect resting spot.
  • Patio chairs: Your patio also needs a lounge set with chairs for those early summer morning coffees. There is a bit more skill involved in assembling these, but if you follow a patio chair building guide, you won’t go wrong. A tip to include in your patio chair design is an armrest wide enough to support a drink, you won’t regret it.

Table projects


What are patio chairs without a table to complete the outdoor lounge set? Building a wooden coffee table from timber is another easy DIY project and a necessity to finish off your patio furniture set.

Or you could always build an outdoor dining set with wooden dining chairs and a solid wood table. This will allow you to spend beautiful summer days having lunch and dinner outside with a gorgeous garden view.

Another table woodwork project you could add to your garden is a workers bench where you can keep your gardening tools, transplant your pot plants and complete smaller woodwork projects that require more detail.

Plant projects


Plant projects will dress up your garden as they will display a variety of flowers and greenery. You can create raised planter boxes from thin timber poles and arrange them so that they add different levels to your flower garden. These can also be used to decorate your patio as an alternative to pot plants. And the timber from the planters will complement the timber in your patio lounge set.

You can also create a vertical wooden planter wall where you can grow your own herb garden or hang mini succulent pot plants. This is functional as décor, as well as an opportunity to plant fresh ingredients for your cooking in the kitchen.

Remember, wood can be painted and you can easily match your planter boxes or vertical herb planter to the colours of your house or garden.

Expert woodwork projects


Soon you’ll master the easy woodwork projects and will look for something more challenging. When that time comes, you can consider building a floating garden deck, a greenhouse, a patio swing chair or bed, or a pergola to create a shady area for your garden chairs.

Woodwork is a fun home project and the above projects will make it a rewarding hobby for your garden and your outdoor pleasure.