How to dress up your apartment patio

Living in an apartment means that you might not have much outdoor space to enjoy. However, you might have a patio that you can relax on during the warmer months or sip your coffee on during the crisp winter mornings. 

A patio is often overlooked when decorating, but it can be a highly useful extra space to have. You can dress it up with some warm and cosy blankets during winter and create a tropical paradise with plants for the summer. If you want to dress up your apartment patio, read on for some handy tips and tricks to make it look fabulous.

Go seriously green

If you have the space and time, you could introduce greenery to your patio by way of potted plants and succulents. Greenery always looks unique and eye-catching, especially when it is well put together, and it will provide you with a touch of nature if your apartment is in a big city.

If you do not feel like watering plants every day, you can opt for fake plants instead. They require no effort but still look great when paired with natural decor, such as green blankets, wooden side tables and rustic wall art. Succulents are easy to care for and provide a quirky option for those who might not have the greenest of thumbs.

Pick pretty patterns

Small spaces are the perfect place to let your creative flag fly, and what better way to do so than to introduce patterns to your patio. This can be done by using patterned floor tiles on the floors, if you are able to make significant changes, or by choosing seating with bold and bright patterns, such as a paisley settee or a zebra print rug.

Your patterns do not have to match one another, but you should keep them simple and opt for clean lines rather than blurred prints. An effective way to match patterns is to look for ones with similar colours, so that it does not confuse the eye. You could also go chic and modern with monotone designs, choosing cushions in bright colours to add vibrancy.

Compact comfort

One of the joys of having a patio while living in an apartment is that you are able to spend time outside, sunning yourself in the summer sun. You can still do this if you choose foldable outdoor furniture, such as lounging chairs to spread out on that fold up once you are finished getting the perfect tan.

Another part of this comfort is to look for blankets for sale that are designed to be used outdoors, made from fabrics such as cotton or linen. These are light enough to use during summer and can provide a cosy covering during winter. Look for multifunctional furniture that you can fold away once you are finished using it so that you can keep your patio neat, clean and clutter free.

Install a handy hammock

If you are someone who enjoys relaxing in nature and falling asleep with a balmy spring-time breeze, then a hammock is the ideal addition to your patio. You can hook it up so it can be folded away when it is not in use or you could make it more permanent if you want to sleep outside during summer.

Be sure that your hammock is made from strong material, such as canvas or a knitted material, that will not break easily. You will need to be sure that your hammock will not be rained on or affected by inclement weather, as the material could rot or become sun damaged. Place it under shelter so you can relax in the shade when the sun is out and where it will remain dry and intact. Fill it with bright cushions and a funky blanket to match.

Accentuate with accessories

Accessories can help to finish off a look that might feel as though it is lacking that certain “something”. You could invest in some quirky wall art, a wind chime made from seashells or you could accessorise with matching cushions for your outdoor furniture.

Accessories should enhance an area and never take the eye away from the overall space. This means that you should choose pieces that match your aesthetic, such as monotone prints for the walls of a patio with black and grey furnishings or brightly coloured blankets to accentuate a tropical theme. Be sure that any accessories you choose are made for outdoor use so they do not break or become damaged on your patio.

Keep it creative

Your patio should show off your personality and does not have to be a boring space. You could embrace greenery and introduce plants into the decor or you could choose unique and exciting patterns to spruce up the space. You could install a hammock to laze the hours away in the warm South African sun or cuddle up under a pile of blankets during winter weather. Be sure to choose multifunctional furniture so you can store equipment and so you can keep the space neat, tidy and clutter free.