Finally moving in with your partner? How to appropriately decorate your shared bedroom

Moving in together is a big and exciting step in any relationship. It means there won’t be any more goodbyes and separations at the end of the night, only goodnight and see you in the morning.

But moving in does have its difficulties and you’ll likely need to agree on a few things in terms of décor. Everyone has their own taste and when it comes to the bedroom, up until now, it’s always been a personal space for personal expression. But when you move in with your partner, it becomes a shared space, which is something you’re going to have to become accustomed to.

And if you’re the more stylish one in terms of interior design, that’s not to say that you will have free reign over your new bedroom. You need to appropriately decorate your shared bedroom and respect that this is a special place for you and your partner, not just a blank canvas for you to makeover as you see fit.

Let them have a say


If you’re going to go ahead and take the reins on how the bedroom will be decorated, the least you can do is let your partner have a say. There will most likely be elements of décor or bedroom furniture layout that they have strong opinions about and you need to respect that.

When your partner tells you that they don’t want rose gold furnishings because its a trend that’s going to be replaced a few months down the line, try to stay away from rose gold as a colour theme. And if your partner doesn’t want laminated posters or calendars on the cupboard doors, you need to find a space elsewhere in the house or apartment that you can use for your organisation and study matters.

Your partner loves you enough to let you decorate the bedroom, but you owe it to them to hear what their protests and preferences are before you begin.

Agree on (at least) one thing


As with most relationships, there will always be an element of compromise. And when it comes to decorating a bedroom together, there’s no exception. As an individual, you have personal preferences that you’ve become used to growing up in your parents’ house. And all of that tends to change when you move in with your partner and have to make the decisions for yourself.

When decorating your room, you may have more of a say but it’s important that the two of you agree on (at least) one thing that you both want for your shared bedroom. After all, you both have to use it and be happy with it. The bedroom is such an important room for sleep, relaxation and alone time, so you can’t afford for only one of you to be happy with it.

Find a few rules and items that you both agree on for the bedroom and make a day of going out and shopping for it together. Not only will it be time you get to spend with your partner, but it’s an opportunity for them to take part in decorating the shared room to assure them that it is their room as well and not just yours.

Work with what you both have


The benefit of two people moving in together is that they, generally, each have something to bring to the table. Together, you might have an entire bedroom suite and more (if both of you bring your beds, in which case, there’s one for the spare bedroom).

And it’s beneficial because it will both of you money from having to buy all of your bedroom furniture new. Unless, of course, a brand new bedroom set is needed, then this is also an opportunity for that.

But besides from the bed, working with what both of you already have will make the bedroom feel more personal. It will also likely set a theme for the room that both of you must be comfortable with because there are pieces from each of your previous rooms that form the foundation.

Try to keep it neutral


Another tip for decorating your shared bedroom is to try and keep the décor neutral. Not everyone is a fan of tassels, paisley, fluffy carpets, bright colours or throw pillows with millennial phrases on them.

Unless it’s one of the décor pieces you’ve agreed on, try to keep the bedroom a neutral space that is simple yet elegant and that will be comfortable for both of you. This is also where you will need to recall what your partners’ preferences and protests were in terms of colour and décor.  

And your final tip is to not try and push your luck. You’re in this together and your bedroom needs to be a special place for both of you and not just the one who chose the throw pillows.