Five signs it’s time to update your couch

Couches are meant to be comfortable and attractive, not lumpy and ugly. If your couch is making you cringe every time you look at it, it might be time to update it. It can be difficult to know when you should update or even replace your couch, but there are some signs to look out for that can help. 

If you need a simple makeover, a slipcover for couches from South Africa will do the trick but even this is not easy to ascertain. For those who are confused about the state of their couches, read on below five signs it is time to update it.

You can hear creaking noises

Often when we sit down on the couch for an evening of series-watching, we have to move our bodies in order to feel comfortable. If you hear creaking noises while doing this, this is one of the major signs that it is time to upgrade your once-comfortable couch.

These noises could be signs of structural damages to the couch. The noises could be a problem with the joints on a wooden or metal frame or a metal spring that is weakening, which will need to be remedied as soon as possible. Unless your sofa is a family heirloom or an antique, replacing it is your best bet when there is structural damage.

You have a larger family

Keeping the same couch you had in university or in your first apartment might save you money, but if you have a baby on the way, then you will need to invest in a larger couch. You will need extra room for your little one to relax on, and the space to spread out after a long day on your feet.

It is important to invest in a slipcover for couches from South Africa before your new bundle of joy (and sticky fingers) arrives in order to keep your new couch in good condition. Look for one in a darker colour so that stains are not so obvious. Be sure that it is easy to remove and wash when you have to clean it and remember to let it dry properly before placing it back onto your couch.

The cushions are becoming flat

When your couch is brand new, the cushions are puffy, fluffy and full of life. However, after a few years of continuous use, these same cushions can become flat and uncomfortable to sit on. If your couch cushions can no longer be plumped by hand, it is time for an upgrade.

If the upholstery on your current cushions is still in a good condition, you could upgrade your cushions simply by investing in new filling. Seat cushions can be updated by swapping them with pillow inserts, solid foam cut to the correct size, or loose, shredded foam. Be sure that you add enough filling to return the cushions to their original comfort levels. To add extra support to your seat cushions, cut a piece of plywood to measure (the length of the couch’s seating area between the armrests) and place this underneath the cushions.

The colours are dull

Your once vibrant purple velvet couch is now a lacklustre lavender, making it look out of place in your lounge. If you couch’s colour is fading, but the structure and upholstery are still in good condition, you could use a slipcover for couches from South Africa in a similar colour for a quick and effective upgrade.

The colouring will be affected based on where the couch is placed. For example, if you place your couch underneath a window, you will find yourself having to replace it sooner than you think, as the direct sunlight will cause the colours to fade and become dull. You should also never place a leather couch in direct sunlight, as the material will crack and become tough and uncomfortable.

The style is outdated

If you bought your couch 20 years ago, you will notice that the furniture styles of today have changed dramatically since then. Gone are the days of bright, psychedelic patterns. Couches now are more modern, clean and have subtle patterns that will suit even the most modern decor choices.

An outdated couch can make a room look unkempt and uncared for, so if you find yourself blushing whenever someone comments on how “retro” your couch is, it is time to upgrade it. If you are looking for something simple but comfortable, a Tuxedo sofa oozes modern charm and style. For a more classic look, opt for a Cabriole or a Chesterfield sofa. If it’s an inviting and welcoming look you want, an English Rolled Arm sofa is a perfect choice.

Comfy couch, stylish house

Your couch is one of the first things that people notice in your living room, and if it is outdated, faded, dirty and lumpy then their first impression will not be a positive one. You will need to look out for simple signs that show it is time to upgrade your couch and consider a new one if you know your family will be growing in the near future. Soon you will find one that perfectly fits your decor… and your body.