How to furnish a home office space

Working from home is a wonderful privilege. It allows you to work your own hours and to have an office space that is all your own. However, furnishing a home office can be more difficult than it seems. You might have found the perfect laptop deals for a work laptop, but your office will need more than just a desk, a chair and a computer to work on. 


In order to create a space that inspires you, you need to think about what you need from a home office to be able to work from there. Stuck for ideas? Below are some top tips on how to furnish the perfect home office space to ignite your passion.

Keep it light and airy

Maximise natural light wherever possible, as it helps to improve the ambience of the room, which leads to better productivity and enhance your focus. You should, however, avoid having a window directly in front of or behind your laptop or computer screen to avoid glare.


Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the room to keep it feeling fresh and breezy, and incorporate a plant or two to bring nature indoors. While you will be spending most of your time looking at your computer screen, it is important to have a window to look out of to rest your eyes, and have a  fresh breeze blowing in to keep your mind alert.

Nice up a nook

If you have a small home and do not have space for an entire room to house your home office, you can look for a niche to convert into a useful space to work in. Look for laptops for sale that can fit onto smaller desk spaces and start planning out your office ‘nook’.


Use the vertical space above your desk to store items such as files, pens, paper and other necessary stationery. You could also opt for a built-in desk so there is space underneath to store boxes of receipts or important documents within easy reach. Avoid cluttering the area with wall art or plants, rather use a calming wall colour and one or two inspiring pieces to get you in the mood for a day of hard work.

Colour coding is key

If you are unsure about what colours to use in your home office, you should carefully consider what type of atmosphere you want to feel when you enter the space. Colours such as green, blue, yellow and white are considered to be ideal for focus and productivity.


You can incorporate your chosen colours into the space by painting the walls in the colour or by placing accessories around the room in the colours you enjoy, such as a blue wall clock, a green pot for a pot plant or wall art with yellow in it. A fresh lick of paint for an unused room is the perfect foundation for furnishing your home office. Be sure that the colour is not too harsh on your eyes and that you can stand to look at it for more than an hour at a time.

Simply seating

One vital aspect of furnishing your home office space is to invest in a good chair. An ergonomic chair is one of the best investments you will make in your home office, as it will allow your body to remain comfortable and will help your mind to remain focused, not having to worry about pain and discomfort.


You will be spending hours in your office chair, so it is important to find one that is both comfortable and supportive. Look for one in a colour that matches the rest of the room, and that can easily be tucked under a desk once you are finished for the day. It is not advisable to use any chair in your home as your office chair, as dining room chairs can be bulky and uncomfortable and a recliner is simply not made for the job.


Seek privacy

If you do not have the option of a separate room for your home office, then you will need to look for other options to create privacy while you are working. You can look into room dividers or pretty screens to keep your space separate or you could install curtains to pull closed if you need a private space.


You will need to block out distractions when working from home (a kitten playing on your keyboard), which is why a room divider is such a great solution. Look for one in a colour that matches or complements the rest of the room and is easy to install and close. You could also install a permanent screen around your desk so that you are not distracted by sights around your house or by the temptation of the TV screen.

Remember to have fun

While you are furnishing your home office, it is important to remember to have fun while doing so. It does not have to be a boring space, it can be fun, inspiring and creative. Be sure to look for a comfortable and ergonomic chair, use vertical storage and choose colours that encourage productivity and you enjoy looking at. Your home office will soon become a space that you love spending time in… even if it is for work.