Garden improvements on a budget

gardenHave you got green fingers but your wallet won’t allow you to enjoy your garden as much as you’d like? Gardening does not have to be an expensive hobby. Read these four tips for improving your garden area on a budget 

    1. Tools


Before you start with your garden improvements you will need tools. But you don’t have to buy gardening tools, supplies and equipment brand new. Rather visit garage sales or look online for second hand tools. You’ll find plenty of tools for sale at a reasonable price. Things you’ll need might include pots, shovels, fencing, gardening gloves and the like. Once you have all of the necessary tools to make your garden improvements , put them in a storage area. In this way they’ll be safeguarded against theft and the elements and they can be easily reached.    

  1. Container Garden

A simple, yet really effective garden improvement to make is adding garden containers. These work especially well if you have limited space. You can find used containers at your local garage sale or online for next to nothing. Fill them up with colourful flowers or if you are interested in having a herb garden then this is the perfect way to do it. Setting up the container garden is fairly simple, you’ll need gardening soil, compost and then your plants or herbs. If your budget is really tight you can start your container garden by planting geranium cuttings that you’ve picked. This is cost effective and geraniums are easy to grow plants.

  1. Fencing

Tired of staring into a concrete wall? If you want to make improvements to your boundary wall or add dividers into your garden layout then wooden fencing is an affordable option. There are various types of wooden fencing available which can be custom made to fit your area. This not only changes the whole look and feel of the garden but also gives the space a more natural feel.

  1. Pallets

An easy and budget friendly improvement to your garden is to add pallets . Whether you use them as containers for your plants, you create a vertical garden with them or you build garden furniture out of them they won’t break the bank. You can pick up wooden pallets for a small amount or even free from local farms. There are many pallet garden ideas online so decide on your style  before you begin. They’ll easily attached to your vibracrete wall and together with some wall climbing plants you’re unlikely to see an inch of dull grey anywhere.