Get the most out of your guest bedroom

A guest bedroom does not have to be an awkwardly decorated room, full of mismatching linens and unwanted knick knacks (that you have to display whenever your grandmother comes to visit). You can get so much more out of this room if you think creatively and inject your own personality into the space. You do not even have to use it strictly as a guest room, creating endless possibilities.

Make it multifunctional

A guest bedroom in many homes is not in constant use unless you have a relative or friend who is visiting for an extended amount of time. If you have the space, put in an office desk and chair, creating a home office space for when the room is not in use.

You could turn it into a child’s entertainment room as well by mounting one or more televisions onto a wall for game play or movie watching. By making this space multifunctional, it is less likely to become a storage room for all the dust-collecting keepsakes we tend to collect over the years. When guests do come to stay, you can lock your desk drawers and turn your computer off, and allow them to use the television for watching series or films in peace.

Create a reading nook

If you know that you are less likely to have overnight guests or visiting family on a regular basis, then you can transform this extra room into the perfect reading nook. Install bookshelves and wall storage to hold your multitude of novels, and slip into your private library after a long day at work.

You can include a comfortable sleeper couch or daybed in your reading room so that if you do have visitors, they can fold it out and have a place to rest among the books. To make it more comfortable for both yourself and your guests, think of including soft furnishings such as blankets and cushions so you can spend hours immersed in a good book without getting uncomfortable.

Be smart about space

Having a guest bedroom means that you do have extra space, but you still need to use it wisely. Instead of cluttering the room with a double bed, nightstands and a desk, rather put in a sleeper couch or a daybed with a simple desk and chair. This way, if your guest bedroom is a smaller space, your guests will still be able to move around.

Storage is another aspect that needs to be carefully considered in this room. Be sure that you have enough shelving and hanging space for clothes, if the cupboards are not built-in. You can be quirky and use cooldrink crates for shoe storage or nightstands, and a simple hanging rack for clothes.

Fit it to your visitors

Rather than simply putting in a double bed and some seating, think about who is going to be using your guest bedroom the most out of your visitors. If you have family members with young children who frequently visit, cater for everyone. Put in a double bed for the couple and some smaller beds or even a crib for the little ones.

By fitting the room to your visitors, you will be less likely to fill it with unused items and household junk because it has been designed with a purpose in mind. If you have an elderly parent or relative who visits often, try putting in a bed with a lower base for easy access, and be sure to keep the furnishings soft so no accidental bumps on sharp edges occur.

Let in the light

If your guest bedroom has windows, use this to enhance the illusion of size. A light, airy room feels bigger and brighter than a dark and enclosed one, so choose light coloured curtains and linens that will reflect the sunlight around the room. Use mirrors in strategic places that will move the light around the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Install energy saving bulbs and use wall lighting near the bed for those late-night readers. Having ample lighting in a room makes it a more welcoming space and will also help guests avoid bumping into furniture at night. Keep wall colours light and warm, such as cream or off white to create a larger space.

Remember to add your own special touch

When decorating or designing a guest bedroom, it is important to remember to add your own personality to the space. Your guests are there to see you, after all, and so will not mind if you inject your own quirkiness and creativity into the room.

If you are going to be using this room as an office or entertainment room as well as a guest room, you can add personal touches that make the room feel comfortable for both you and your guests. The most important thing to remember during the decorating and designing process is to always have fun.