How to choose furniture for your backyard

If you want to make your backyard more interesting and comfortable, you should add some furniture. Outdoor furniture will allow you to spend time sitting in your yard without having to worry about getting grass stains on your brand new jeans. And it can make the space look interesting and unique. 

You can choose to have Adirondack chairs dotted around your yard in shady spots or some wrought-iron seating placed in a circle of pale lilac hydrangeas. Whatever you choose, be sure that it is made for the outdoors and look for Adirondack chairs for sale that have already been treated with a sealant. Read on below for some handy advice on how to choose furniture for your backyard.

Consider the climate

The very first step you will need to take into consideration is the type of climate that you live in. For example, those who live in KwaZulu-Natal will have a hot and humid climate, whereas those living in Cape Town will have a drier climate.

If the weather is too hot and dry, the wood might crack and splinter from the heat, which can be disastrous for your new wooden picnic benches. Look for durable wood painted in colour paint and sealant. A strong wind can lift light aluminium furniture, which can be dangerous for everyone involved. Before you head out and look for a new lawn chair or picnic bench, look at your weather and let this be one of the deciding factors.

What will the space be used for?

This is an important aspect to think about when looking for outdoor furniture. If the main function of your outdoor space will be to host summer dinner parties, then you will need to look for comfortable patio furniture for people to sit on.

But, if you will only be using your outdoor space for relaxing in while watching the sunset, then you can look for loungers and side tables to keep drinks and candles on as the evening winds down. For those who want to host parties outside, look for picnic tables and benches so there is enough seating for everyone. Ensure that everything you choose has been properly treated and will withstand regular use.

Continue your general colour palette

If your home is modern and monochromatic inside, you should try to continue this flow from the inside out. Stick to white and cream fabrics if white is part of your colour scheme or greys and blacks. You can weave in pops of colour for visual interest but try not to stray too far from the overall colours.

If your home has a lot of bright and cheery colours inside, choose one or two of these colours and use them outside. For example, you could paint your handmade Adirondack deck chair in a cherry red colour paint or varnish to match your retro kitchen or you could look for navy blue metal benches to complement your navy living room. Be sure to keep it simple and streamlined for the best results.

Measure the space

Knowing the amount of space you have to work with is vital to choosing outdoor furniture. This way you will know what size of bench, chair or table to choose without having to worry about whether it will fit or not.

You should also look at the shape of your backyard. Is it simple and rectangular, or is it more curved and rounded at the edges? You may have to choose furniture with the same angles and curves in order for it to fit correctly. If your furniture will be placed on your patio, you will need to measure this space in order to know exactly how big it is. Include all the accessories in the area for a clear and realistic picture.

How easy is it to care for?

Caring for your outdoor furniture is important, but it should not become a chore. This is why you need to look for furniture that is easy to care for and does not require hours of washing and treatment with a varnish or sealant.

Look for high-quality hand-crafted furniture made of wood, metal, and wicker as these materials can withstand most climates and are hardy. The wood should be sealed after it has been painted and the metal should not easily rust. Be sure to check for any signs of damage on a regular basis, or you could bring your outdoor furniture inside when the weather is bad. Keep the right sealant handy for all wooden furniture for any emergency repairs.

Take a seat in the sun

Having a place to relax, unwind and enjoy time outside is one of life’s many joys. You can watch over your garden and see how it is growing, and you can host fabulous summer parties while the weather is good. But it can be tricky to choose this furniture if you are not sure where to start.


Consider your climate first, then measure the space you have to work with. Once you are sure how you want to use the space, you can choose fun and funky colours to truly make it your own.