How to choose the right floor tiles for your bathroom

Revamping or decorating your bathroom can be difficult. You have to think about the overall look and feel that you want for the room, as well as the functionality of the space. This can be overwhelming for those who are not interior-design inclined or for those who do not have a clear idea of what they want from the room. 

One of the most important factors of a bathroom is the floor tiles, which can often make or break a room. To create a modern sanctuary, you could opt for black-and-white chequerboard flooring for your bathroom. For a more vibrant room, opt for brightly coloured vinyl tiles to complement a crisp, white wall.

Your own imagination is the limit for decorating, so read on below for some top tips on choosing the right tiles for your bathroom.

How do you want the room to feel?

Before you even start looking for a tiles price page online, you will need to think about the mood you want in your bathroom. Do you want it to be a calming, relaxing haven or do you want it to be energising and revitalising? The colour of the tile should be based on this decision.

Another way to look at it is to consider how your home looks and feels. For a modern home, this style should flow seamlessly into your bathroom. It would look out-of-place to have vintage tiles in a modern bathroom. Similarly, if you are trying to create a relaxing room, you should not have brightly coloured tiles but should stick to subdued hues and pastel colours. Before putting any tiles into your shopping cart, carefully consider the mood of your home and how you want your bathroom to feel.

Size matters

Once you have decided on how you want your bathroom to feel, you should look at how large or small the tiles should be.You might not think of putting large tiles in a smaller bathroom, but the walls and floor will look like one continuous surface, making the room feel larger and airier

Larger tiles also need less grout, which makes the walls easier to clean. But to create a mosaic pattern in your shower or along the middle of your walls, opt for smaller tiles in one or two different colours. While these do require more grout, they can bring in more visual interest. For a modern look, large tiles are ideal as the fewer grout lines there are, the more seamless your walls and floors will look.

How much cleaning will the tiles need?

If you are not the biggest fan of cleaning the bathroom, you will need to look for tiles that do not need a huge amount of maintenance. When choosing tiles for areas that can become very wet, rather opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles over vinyl tiles.

Porcelain and ceramic are easy to wipe down, but you might have to seal them first, so be sure to ask about this when buying them. If you have chosen to go the rustic route and have installed natural stone tiles, these can be tricky to clean and have to be sealed before you use water on them. To bring texture into the bathroom, rather choose to do so on the floor as this is easier to clean and does not get as wet as the walls.

Consider the colour

While the colour will be based on how you want the room to look and feel, you will also need to think about how much dirt your tiles show. Clear white tiles will show dirt or grime a lot more than grey or black ones, and a pastel coloured wall tile will show the grouting a lot clearer than a slightly darker tile.

However, if you choose tiles in colours that are too dark, your bathroom will look small and cluttered. To bring in a sense of warmth and drama to a bathroom, you can include a pop of colour with a mosaic on a white tiled wall or create a checkered floor with bright blue and crisp white tiles. Colour can help to set the mood of a room so be sure to choose one that will create the right feeling for your bathroom.

Remember the finishing touches

Tiles have to be installed using grout, which can make the room look finished and polished or it could look haphazard and unpleasant. Be sure to choose a grouting that will complement the tiles, such as a light one for white or pale tiles and a dark one for deeply coloured tiles. Be sure to keep the grouting clean and mould-free.

Start by thinking of the colour and how you want the room to feel, then move on to the size and how much maintenance you are willing to perform on a daily basis. This way you will find the perfect tiles to suit your needs and to make your bathroom look amazing.