Ideas for garden improvements

It’s not just the house which could do with a spring clean and a declutter. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or patio area, no matter how small, there are lots of ways you can make it look more appealing. Gardens are an extension of your living space, but are always last on the list when it comes to spending money on improvements. So when you think of home decor, don’t forget about decorating your garden, too. Here are five simple ideas for improving your garden.

Tree and shrubs

An inexpensive way to create a new look is to manage existing shrubs and trees. Cut all the lower branches leaving clear stems. Not only will this improve the overall appearance, it’ll also open up space underneath for additional planting. By exposing the underlying structure and lifting canopies of trees and shrubs, a wonderful and mysterious world is revealed. This is a great idea, especially for small and narrow spaces.

Pots and containers

Pots and containers will add value to your outside space, a practical way of decorating roofs, decks, balconies as well as the more usual ground-level areas. The bigger the better, plants need a lot of root space and water and stability from wind. This will also help to minimise how much human effort is required to keep them going.

Entertaining area

Make the garden a true extension of your home by including something functional. This could be a paved entertaining area with space for an attractive dining table and chairs. You could also consider building a proper outdoor kitchen. Pizza ovens are easy to build and can be used as a wood-fired fireplace when you aren’t hungry. Alternatively a sunken fire pit or hot tub will help to extend the use of the garden into the evenings and throughout the seasons.


A good quality outdoor floor, such as decking or natural stone paving will add value and provide style to your outdoor space. Make contact with timber decking suppliers to install a deck which can give your garden a lovely finish. Strengthen the link between the outside and inside using a similar flooring, material or colour choice. Paving an area in the same material as the surrounding walls is a good way of giving a small space a unified look. If you have to contend with uneven ground and you want to avoid enormous amounts of levelling you could use gravel.


Lighting in any form can improve your garden, extending its usefulness into the evening. It’ll enable you to eat, read or simply potter about outside on warm spring and autumn evenings. If you can see your garden from inside you’ll enjoy a night time view all year round. From spotlights to tea lights, stylish decorative lighting needn’t cost the earth.

First impressions count, so don’t neglect your garden. Thoughtful landscaping can improve your overall satisfaction with a home while you live there, as well as the chances of luring of potential buyers when you move.