Increasing your home’s value

picThere comes a time when we want to consider our homes from a buyer’s perspective – again. To that end, we should start considering how to improve our homes. Home improvement is better during the months when we aren’t being bombarded by rain, so now is the best time to start thinking. Not all additions will necessarily be good ones though. We must be careful when making our decisions.

Improving the kitchen

One of the first places to tackle is the kitchen. You should align it to the rest of the house and neighbourhood. Importantly, you should not go overboard in terms of spending. Sometimes what buyers want is retaining the charm of the home. They don’t want anything too modern, as it might clash with charm they’d rather pay for.

For example, instead of changing all the tiles in your kitchen, focus just on the backsplash. As Apartment Therapy points out:

“Re-tiling your backsplash is a time-consuming, but fairly straightforward, DIY project… of course tiles run the gamut, price-wise, but there are plenty of budget options out there, including subway tile, which is hugely popular and can be laid in all kinds of interesting patterns.”

This improves the quality and look of your kitchen. It might also be time to rearrange and consider new appliances.

Adding a bathroom

Generally, people move into houses to live with other people. If more than one person is in a home, it’s better to have more than one bathroom. HouseLogic outlines various studies and spoke to experts, concluding “You can almost never go wrong adding a bathroom.” Though it takes enormous effort and can be expensive, you will make a return on that investment. This is the entire purpose of improving your home’s value after all.

In addition to creating a new bathroom, you can also use your power tools to start improving your current one. Replace old mirrors, improve plumbing, perhaps even consider a new shower. All these can be beneficial right now and in the long term, improving the value of the home.

Insulation and windows can save you a great deal

Energy-efficient windows can be expensive, but they can also save you a great deal. Lost heat often results in you replacing that heat in winter, meaning your electricity bills start skyrocketing. Energy experts suggests other, less-expensive ways to reduce your energy costs.

Brandon Thiele, an energy consultant, told NPR:

“You can’t deny that a single-pane window is not going to be outperformed by a new double-pane or triple-pane window… But the money that you would typically spend on that is typically better spent on sealing air leaks in the home and increasing insulation levels.”

As the winter months approach cities like Cape Town, in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to start preparing for winter. By doing so in efficient ways, we can also increase the value of our homes and save a great deal on our bills.