Karon Beach, Phuket – What Makes This Such an Attractive Place to Purchase Real Estate?

What was once a very quiet and underdeveloped island in Thailand has completely transformed over the past few decades, producing today’s version of Phuket that is known all around the globe. It is wildly popular with tourists looking for that exotic tropical escape, but real estate developers and investors alike now have their eyes firmly set on the destination and are pouring money into it. Phuket offers a huge selection of hotels for tourists to stay in, but for many that is no longer satisfactory and they are looking to invest in their own place and purchase real estate.

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So just where should you be looking to purchase real estate in Phuket? Karon Beach is located on the west coast of Phuket and offers residents a whole list of benefits, not to mention it does the perfect job of blending the east with the west. Here we’ll take a look at some of the standout features of Karon Beach.

An Expansive Coastline

If your main goal in purchasing Phuket real estate is to be on the beach and enjoying the sun and surf, then Karon Beach has you covered. Karon Beach is actually the third-longest beach on the island of Phuket, so you know you’re getting plenty of room to stretch out. What this means is that many of the properties are located beach-side or within walking distance of the beach.

Take for example the Phuket Encore Karon Beach development from Veloche Group. This Phuket real estate is located just 500 meters from Karon Beach and then has Kata Beach only 3kms away. Walking to the beach daily can become your new way of living.

Known for Its Water Sports

Another draw for Karon Beach is its water sports. If you’re looking for that perfect place to dive and snorkel without feeling as though you’re crowded and there are too many people around, then Karon Beach has you covered.

The Dining and Shopping Opportunities Will Keep You Busy

Part of finding that perfect location to purchase real estate in is looking around and seeing what the destination offers as a whole. What is the culture of the neighborhood and what does it have to offer? Again, this is where Karon Beach can give a lot of other areas in Phuket a run for their money. Within walking distance, residents and visitors can find an array of shopping and dining establishments, offering some of the best cuisine Thailand has to offer. 

Every other week Karon Beach also features a market, known as Karon Temple Market in Phuket, which sells local food and products.

Its Nightlife Sets the Bar High

Then there is the nightlife scene in Karon Beach, which sets the bar pretty high. From relaxed pubs to more lively nightclubs, you’ll find a bit of everything in Karon Beach.

Protecting Your Investment

With Karon Beach continuing to grow, offering more to residents and tourists alike all while maintaining its natural beauty, it’s clear that this makes for a sound and wise investment for real estate in Phuket.