What to know before buying a home on the coast


For some the luxury of owning a dream home along the coast can become a reality. All you’ll want to do is enjoy sound of the waves and take in the breathtaking sunset overlooking the ocean, as you escape from the surrounding world. However, as with any item of luxury there is sometimes a catch. Before investing in a beachfront home or working on your mortgage loan calculator, you need to know about the harsh realities that come along with it. A house on the shore may be a dream but if you don’t take precautions it may turn into your nightmare.


Have a home inspection


You may inspect your new home, but an expert will know what to look for. For coastal areas professional home inspections are crucial. They will look for signs of wear and tear that come from storms, sand and humidity. The inspector will be able to tell you whether the house has been flooded and if it’s an often occurrence. Flooding can cause damage pertaining to electrical systems, foundations, wood and mold. Damage to property like these can cost a fortune to repair. If there are any signs of flooding it’s suggested to rather walk away from the deal. If you see raising the house as a possibility, then talk to surveyors and contractors to prevent future flooding.


The need to hire an engineer or land surveyor


A land surveyor or engineer will take into account the highest level of ocean tides and whether the tides are continuously high, to accurately make their assessment. A geological inspector, land surveyor or engineer will be able to follow up on the stability of the shore and the land around it by checking for erosion. They will also do the necessary research on tides and storm surges.

Be aware that plenty of trees and lots of grass may be a good indicator of drainage. Therefore it’s best to keep your eye on all surroundings of the property. Set yourself up to be prepared to face disappointment when it comes to choosing a safe location for your beach home. Not all locations will be ideal and therefore it’s best not to get your hopes while the experts survey the home.