Light up your wooden deck this spring

Summer nights are on the horizon, and that means warm weather, longer evenings and lots of memories. We rarely spend time in our backyards over the winter, and with summer around the corner, you might as well turn your deck into a dream entertainment area.

South Africans love spending time outdoors, enjoying the weather and braaing. And usually, the festivities carry on till late in the evening. So, if you’re going to be spending time outside, make sure your guests are comfortable. Garden furniture such as wooden chairs and tables are a worthwhile addition to making your backyard scenery look visually appealing.

Besides adding beautiful centrepieces and cushioning to your set up, there is much more that you can do to turn your backyard into a majestic sanctuary. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your backyard, with an array of lighting choices to ensure your party doesn’t stop. 

For inspiration on lighting up your backyard deck, follow our article below: 

Find your focal point

The most important step in furnishing your backyard with lighting is finding your focal point. 

Gardens vary in size and dimensions. For example, one person’s garden may be longer and narrower, while another’s might be smaller and cosier. Not every type of lighting will suit your garden; therefore, finding your focal point will help you pick out the proper lighting.

Choose your focal area to dress up. For example, adding a small bridge for your garden could make it your focal point. Small bridges are perfect for any garden size. You can add string lights along the bridge railing in an excellent idea to light up your garden. 


If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to brighten up your deck space, then buying lanterns will make a valuable difference to your outdoor setting. If you didn’t already know, there are various types of lanterns to choose from. Explore options from solar bulbs, battery operated and candle-lit lanterns for a more romantic feel. If your garden has lots of greenery, you’re at an advantage. Not only can you add lanterns to your garden table, but you can hang them on tree branches and create a fairytale feel to your outdoor environment. 

In-floor lighting 

Many homeowners not only install in-floor lighting to create a mesmerising deck but also for safety and security reasons. If you have a steep staircase in your backyard, it will be best to install in-floor lighting as a safe passage when it’s dark outside. Unless you have experience in working with lighting, it is best to call an electrician for this job. For that dim effect, shop around for options that appeal to you, and install your lighting beneath your staircase treads. 

String lights 

If you are looking for a subtle illumination that provides for an intimate space, then string lights will best suit your outdoor dining area. With string lighting, you have much more leeway to decorate your backdoor however you want. For example, you could wrap it around a tree trunk, hang it over your outdoor dining table and install it on balcony edges. 

Lawn bollard patio lights 

Patio lights can be added on your patio walkway or the perimeter of your yard. They are contemporary, modern and provide a clear boundary to a particular section of your yard. Usually, they are fitted with LED lighting, and they can be used for safety and security. 

Brass and copper patio lights

Many people favour classic and earthy styles, and if you want to incorporate this style into your home, adding brass and copper lighting items will provide you with the rustic look you are looking for. Finding the right elements to decorate your backyard can be hard work, but if you want to achieve a certain look, finding complementary items is key. 

Should I call an electrician or DIY? 

As mentioned before, if you do not have any electrical experience, its best to leave it to the professionals. It is easy to assume that you can add the lighting additions to your garden, but it is not that easy. Most outdoor lights consist of low voltage power using only 12-volts of electricity. And although this is the case, some come as 120-volt current. For this, you will need a transformer to reduce the voltage. 

Final thoughts 

Create a unique landscape by adding a twinkle to your garden. The various areas you can illuminate include the patio, staircases, wells and even your vertical garden. Establish your focal point as this will assist you in narrowing down your options.