Living alone? How to decorate your home for one

Moving out of your house and into a home or apartment can be scary, especially if you are going to be living alone.

Your new dwelling can feel lonely and lacking in personality, but below are some simple tips and tricks for decorating for one to make your house feel like a home.

Never neglect your kitchen

Often in a new home or apartment, the kitchen is the last item on the list when it comes to decor, when really it should be at the top. Your kitchen is where you will spend a lot of time, either cooking or entertaining so should reflect your personality.

If you have a quirky style, the perfect appliance is a retro-style Smeg oven manual in red, blue or cream. You can accentuate your vintage look by hanging some antiqued plates on the walls or incorporating retro diner-style accessories such as condiment holders and napkin rings. For a modern and understated look, keep lines clean and sharp for a seamless appearance.

Prepare for guests

Living alone should not mean that you are unprepared for others, especially for those times when friends pop over for an unexpected lunch or dinner visit. Remedy this by having a two-to-three seater couch in your living room or, if you do not have the space, a selection of comfortable fold-up chairs stored in a cupboard.

If you need drinks in a hurry, buy a bar cart to keep in your kitchen or living room. Be sure to buy glass and crockery sets made up of more than two items so that your guests will have something to sip out of and nibble off of. Your bar cart should be stocked with drinks that you enjoy having and some more generic options that your friends can enjoy without having to bring their own.

Mature decor decisions

Living on your own means that you have reached a level of maturity, which should lead to more mature, grown-up decor decisions. This does not mean that you should not embrace your quirkiness or leave your rooms bare and boring, but rather that you should choose decor that is more refined rather than dorm-room-chic.

If you love old movies and have posters of your favourite ones, instead of sticking them to the wall with tape ala high school bedrooms, frame them and hang them in a strategic order to showcase their charm. For those who enjoy collecting souvenirs or trinkets, instead of cluttering one shelf with your collection, look into a display cabinet and arrange your favourite items creatively.

Magnificent mirrors

Living on your own means that often, there is nobody else to check your outfit and tell you how gorgeous you look, which is why a full-length mirror is ideal. Having one in your bedroom will allow you to see the entirety of your outfit easily.

Mirrors also create the illusion of extra space, so placing one in your living room and hallway can help to make your apartment feel bigger and brighter. Being on your own does not mean you stop looking at yourself, and having mirrors can add to the ‘homey’ feel of your house or apartment. You will also bring light into the room which can make a space feel warmer and more pleasant to be in.

Create conversation areas

Just because you are living on your own, this does not mean that you should not create conversation areas in your home for guests. These areas also help to create a sense of balance in any room.

You should arrange your furniture in a manner which is conducive to conversation, meaning that your sofa and easy chairs should face each other (not head on, however) and tables should be angled so as not to be obtrusive. If the room is large, you can create multiple conversation areas, making sure that the seating is close enough for conversation without raised voices, but far apart enough to be comfortable.

Blooming brilliant

Decorating with living plants and flowers brings instant joy into any home, no matter the size. If you are not interested in a plant that needs a lot of work, invest in some succulents for your window sill. Succulents need little watering and thrive on sunlight – they also come in stunning varieties.

Fresh flowers are always in style, so splurge and buy a bouquet for your home. However, if you are looking for flowers that are more permanent, pot plants are an ideal solution. Some indoor pot plants include aloes, spider plants, English Ivy and peace lilies. These are easy-care plants but if you have pets, remember to ensure that they are not toxic to animals.

Remember to have fun

Decorating and furnishing a home can seem daunting but if you embrace your independence, you can have fun decorating your new bachelor or bachelorette pad. Remember to create conversation areas in your living room for visitors and keep your bar cart stocked with delicious options for those times when your friends unexpectedly make an appearance or for celebrating the fact that it is, finally, Friday.