Lofty living: how to decorate a loft apartment

Living in a loft apartment often means that your home is one large space. Sometimes, a loft apartment is divided into separate spaces by a set of stairs or walls, which can make decorating the area much easier. However, if your loft apartment is only one space, then you will need to be creative when it comes to decor. 

You can do home online shopping to find the perfect furnishings, but it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are looking to decorate your loft apartment, below are some top tips to make the process easier and more exciting.

Define the space

One of the very first steps you will need to take when decorating your loft apartment is to define the space. This means you will have to look at the space you have and decide on the best spots for the living area, dining area and bedroom. You should base these decisions on where the kitchen and bathroom are located.

You can divide these areas up by using simple fold out room dividers, or do some home online shopping and look for shelves and bookcases to divide up the space. If you prefer a more “bohemian” look, you can use curtains to define the spaces, but be sure they are not too heavy and do not clash with the rest of your decor. Defining the space will help you to decide on how you want the separate spaces to look.

Use every nook and cranny

In a small space such bas a loft apartment, you need to make the most of every nook and cranny you have. You can use the corner of your living room for a small bookshelf or curio holder, or you could use cupboard organisers in the bathroom to create more space.

Awkward corners can become perfect space for sculptures or artworks and you can use the space above your mantelpiece as shelving for books or curios. However, you will need to be sure that the apartment does not look cluttered because this can make it feel much smaller than it is. Be creative with the room that you have and try to optimise vertical space rather than taking up too much floor space with your decor choices.

Choose a colour palette

Unlike traditional homes, a loft apartment will need to be painted in one colour throughout. This is because you want the space to look cohesive and streamlined in order to give the illusion of more space.

You could opt for neutral tones, such as beige, grey or stone. These are especially effective if you prefer a modern and minimalistic look. But, you should not be afraid of adding colour to your apartment. Hues of red and orange can make a dull space more vibrant and cheerful, while blues and greens are perfect for a more relaxed atmosphere. You can add visual interest by introducing a feature wall by painting one wall in a colour and using it to hang artwork on.

Look for functional furniture

A loft apartment needs furniture that is functional and decorative at the same time. Your home online shopping could include a fold away bed, better known as a “murphy bed” to provide space during the day or an ottoman that opens up to store board games, extra remotes and magazines.

Functional furniture not only looks stunning, it allows you to save space and have extra storage. Look for pieces that match the overall look and feel of your space. Another example of functional furniture is using a bookshelf to divide the living and dining room, or to separate the bedroom from the lounge. Be sure that the furniture you choose is made to last, and that if it folds out, there is enough room for it to do so.

Warm up the space

One large space can feel quite cold in winter months, so you will need to take measures to warm the space up. You can invest in area rugs to warm up your bedroom and living room floors, and place some cosy throws around the room for when you need to curl up and get warm.

The lighting can also make an impact on how “warm” a space feels. You can achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere by using “warm white” bulbs and accent lighting in the living area. This will make the space feel cosy and welcoming, rather than large and looming. You can use “daylight” bulbs for spaces in which you need to see clearly, such as a home office or a kitchen.

Be creative and have fun

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating a loft apartment. Your choices should depend on the space you have to work with and how you want the space to feel and look.

However, be sure that you first define and divide the space to make decorating easier, and use every nook and cranny to make the room as spacious as possible. Once you have chosen your colour palette, look for functional furniture and try to make the space feel warm and inviting by using lighting and rugs.