Magnificent minimalism: choose the perfect bedding set for a minimalist room

Minimalism has become one of the hottest trends in the interior design industry, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese houses and their philosophy of decluttering.

It may sound like an easy solution – after all, what is a little decluttering – but there is a lot to consider when going down the minimalist route, not the least of which is choosing the best bedding to complement a minimalist room.

Why go minimalist?

Before you start the process of choosing the best bedding sets for a minimalist room, you may be wondering why you should choose a minimalism for your bedroom.

There are several benefits to sleeping in an uncluttered, peaceful space, some of which include the following.

Less clutter equals less cleaning

If there are less “things” taking up space in your room, then there is definitely less need to be constantly cleaning and dusting. If you have allergies or suffer from hayfever, then less dust is certainly a huge perk and will help with living a healthier life.

Less clutter means a more peaceful night’s sleep

Having less clutter in your bedroom means that there are less distractions during your sleep hygiene process, as having piles of laundry, stacks of books, unsorted shelves and so forth can often keep one from sleep with thoughts on how to organise the mess.

Changing your bedroom layout is easier

If you are someone who gets restless with the layout of your bedroom on a regular basis, then having a minimalist room makes it easier to change the layout and feel. If you have less furniture and “stuff” in your space, then you have less to move around and change, allowing for a new look on a fairly regular basis.

How to choose the perfect bedding for a minimalist room

You’ve arranged the furniture, picked the perfect colour scheme for ultimate relaxation and calm and now you want to find complementary furnishings, starting with your bedding sets.

Consider the colours

A minimalist room is often not brightly coloured because, in order to create the perfect relaxed, uncluttered space, you need neutral, calming colours. When choosing a bedding set for a minimalist room, try to go with warming colours, such as cream or oatmeal or cooling and relaxing colours such as olive green or light blue.

Texture plays a role

Other than choosing the right colour to match your colour scheme, texture is an important aspect to consider for your minimalist bedroom. To create a focal point in your minimalist bedroom, choose bedding sets that have textures that add interest, such as a woven blanket with a woollen texture, a shiny satin duvet in a complementary hue or accent cushions with raised patterns in velvet or hessian.

Prints or plains?

Once you have chosen the colours and textures you are planning on using, you can move to making the decision between plain bedding and printed bedding. Plain duvet covers and sheets will work well to complement patterned pillows and cushions, and vice versa. However, try to avoid too many patterns on your bed as this will clutter your minimalist space.

The perfect match

Once you have decided on the colour, texture and whether you are going for plain or patterned bedding, you should move onto accessories that match the bedding set. One important aspect to note is that you should not add too many more elements — two cushions are enough. And these should be in similar colours to an element of the bedding, such as the sheets, duvet or pillow cases. If you add in too many other colours, this will create an imbalanced room.

Coordinate your bedding

An important aspect of a minimalist room is the coordination and organisation of the space. Your clothes are stored away, not strewn about on the floor, your bedside tables are not cluttered with books or unnecessary items – to further instill this feeling of peaceful organisation, your bedding should coordinate with the colour scheme and feel of the room. If you have a headboard in a certain colour, try to match your pillow covers to this. Similarly, if you have textured quilts or a textured duvet, aim to have an untextured element in the same colour.

Final words

If you have fewer pieces of furniture in your room, a single piece of art, a striking chair, a textured duvet cover or light fixture can create a bold and unique look without cramping the space or adding too many elements. Using a single piece as the focal point of your minimalist              bedroom is also a very good way to create a meditative space.