Make your bedroom beautiful on a budget

Everyone wants their bedroom to be beautiful. Whether you are still stuck at home in your parent’s house, living on your own, or just married and moving into a shared bedroom with your spouse, you want it to be a beautiful home within your home.

Light the way

Fairy lights, mini lights, hanging lights or any subtle additional lighting features will cost you less than installing new efficient light systems into your room. You won’t be needing all that light in any case. Adding your own little decorative lights will not only be within your budget, but it will create a cosy and chilled atmosphere in your room.

Putting the “bed” in bedroom

The feature of any bedroom is, well, the bed of course. Make your bed beautiful and budget-friendly by buying bedding sets on sale, one feature throw pillow instead of six small ones, a simple statement headboard and a themed throw blanket.

You can either find a plain bed set and introduce your colour scheme through the throw pillow and blanket or do it the other way around. There are beautiful bedding sets with extravagant designs that can essentially make your bed the sole bearer of your room’s theme.

Time for DIY

Get a grip on your doors and drawers and change the handles. Buy crafted little handles with a design you like or make your own knobs. Decorate your light switch, paint your bedroom door, make a photo collage on your wall, paint mason jars to use as stationary and makeup holders, and you can even make your own mood lights and throw pillows.

The idea isn’t to get carried away with buying a whole lot of craft materials, then you might as well buy it all new. Find a few projects that you can do with what you already have lying around at home and just buy small extras that won’t cost you too much.

Not secondhand but vintage

Embrace the old box suitcases from your childhood. Paint over them, glue them shut and reinforce the material on the inside if you need to. Stack them on top of each other and bam, you have a unique, sentimental and vintage-feeling night stand.

There are many secondhand items that you can repurpose to match the theme of your room. Not to mention that it saves you on cost. Don’t be quick to grimace at the furniture passed on to you from your parents and grandparents. There is a way to fix it up and make it a functional piece in your bedroom… there’s always a way.

A “rugged” feel

Rugs are a beautiful addition to any bedroom and make it comfy and homey. If there is one centerpiece to spend money on for your bedroom, it would be a rug. Here you can also make a statement or just have a fuzzy companion to greet your feet in the morning as you get out of bed. Either way, it’s a winner.

Bring your bedroom alive

Not in a “Monster House” vibe, but in a living green wall vibe. It doesn’t have to be an entire wall but to have a section of greenery – living plants – in your room, is a simple yet beautiful decoration. If you don’t have space for a green wall, make space for a pot plant or have a designated table with a vase and fresh flowers. If you don’t have much decoration or a theme going for your bedroom, simply featuring flowers on a stand will be more than enough. R30 bunch of roses is all you need, make sure there is enough sunlight to keep them healthy and don’t forget some water.

If maintaining flowers is too much, buy a few small pots of succulent plants. They’re inexpensive, beautiful and low maintenance. You can even lay them in a row along your window sill to bring in that “living” element to your bedroom

Organised clutter

Another way to make your bedroom beautiful on a budget is to organise your clutter in a way that makes it seem purposeful. The clutter you already have, that is.

Bedside tables are always the first to fill up with everything from hair products, deodorants, charging cables, figurines, books and somehow your bedside light still manages to fit on there as well.

Organise where everything belongs. Make a charging box to hide the excess cables, buy a trinket tray to put the random bits and bobs in and try and keep your toiletries where they belong. Stack your books so they take up less space and keep your figurines in some sort of order. Making these small changes will give your bedside table the purpose of a display over a cluttered mess.

And there you have it, your beautiful bedroom… and you still have money left in the bank.