Making room in your tiny space

A small room can make you feel claustrophobic and as if you don’t have enough room to breathe.There are many foolproof ways to enhance your room and make it seem larger. Your room may be compact but it doesn’t have to appear so, there are subtle things you could implement that could trick the eye into making your space seem much bigger than it actually is.

Here are a few tips to help your room feel bigger.

Lighter hues

If you want an instant way to make your room look bigger than it actually is, try picking light, soft and neutral colours. If you fill the room up with lighter shades, you can actually magnify the room. The darker the room, the more it looks smaller. Paint your walls with beautiful light colours. You can trick the eye just by altering the colour in the room. The room will also look brighter, which will positively impact your mood. Also light coloured bedding sets such as white and creams will make all the difference.

You should also open up your curtains so you can obtain natural light in the room, which will make your room have a warmer tone. If your room doesn’t require a lot of privacy, choose to have your windows bare without curtains or blinds. If you do have curtains in your room, try and make sure they are the same colour as your walls, it will open your room up. If you are feeling brave, add wallpaper on your ceiling.


If you have books and magazines littered all over the floor, t-shirts spilling out of drawers and clothes sprawling all over your couch, you are filling up the room with chaos and making it smaller. Organise your room and stack all your books in floating bookshelves, stack your shoes in a storage container and put it under your bed, or in a cupboard if you have the space. The cleaner the room, the more it will feel lighter. A little order can go a long way in creating space.

You may love the vase you got from Tahiti or may feel sentimental about the painting passed down from grandma. But be picky about how you decorate your room. Avoid filling it up with a lot of decor that will clutter your space. Not only will it make more room, but it will create a tranquil feel in your space. A lot of items filling up the room could make it heavier than it is.

Smaller Assets

Don’t buy massive furniture. The bigger the bed, the more it fills up the room and takes up space, making the room appear smaller than it actually is. Opt for a bed that is compact enough to create space in your place. Avoid cupboards and couches that will confine your space. Also try buying multi–purpose furniture, such as folding tables, sofa beds and, Instead of having a chunky desk in your room, rather choose to have a foldaway desk built in, so that as soon as you’re finished studying or working on it, you can fold it and it will leave you with more room. If the furniture is see-through, the more it will expand your room and create the illusion of more space in your apartment. Also, buy a sofa and tables that are raised on legs, that way it will create the illusion of more space.


Mirrors have the ability to make a room appear bigger. Your room may seem cramped up at the moment, but just by using mirrors you can expand it. When you add a floor-to-ceiling mirror in your room, the light will bounce off and make your room appear larger and warmer. It will reflect both the natural light and artificial light. So your room will be cosier during the entire day.


Use rugs and mats to separate the spaces in your room. The rugs will help you divide your room into sections. You can have your study area and little lounge area all in one room.


Use the spaces in your room creatively. you could use the empty space on top of your fridge and place a storage container which you can fill with items that aren’t in use. Storage containers can be placed under your bed and filled with magazines, books, accessories and stationery.

A room can be made to look bigger just by influencing certain things and choosing carefully how you position your furniture. And be careful with the colours you choose for your walls, duvet covers, overall interior and the size of your mirrors. Your room can be turned into a spacious domain, just by strategically deciding on how to place things. Every decision you make about your room will influence the outcome.