Mistakes we keep making when buying a couch

So you’ve just moved into your brand new, squeaky clean home and you’re looking for the ultimate lounge suite to make it look fabulous. The first step to doing it right is knowing the size of your space, the colour scheme you already have or want and the longevity of the piece of furniture you’re hoping to buy.

Here are a few tips to buying furniture and avoiding the most common pitfalls:

  • Consider your future plans

Walking into a furniture store is an extremely exciting adventure. You want everything and you want it now. Well, this approach is not going to get you anywhere. Furniture is expensive and before you splurge on anything, be sure to have thought about your plan and how long you intend on keeping it. Factors such as pets, children and general usability all come into play when you are choosing that one expensive item for your home. The colour you choose also needs to match your lifestyle, and the usage needs to weigh up to the cost, meaning that you cannot buy a white lounge suite if you are going to let your children and animals jump on it. Even the most durable furniture will wear out if it’s abused.

  • Look beyond the traditional set

This is something we all try to avoid doing but always end up doing anyway. For people who are inexperienced shoppers, try to avoid going straight to the set lounge suites and rather change things up with different styles, textures and colours. In smaller places, buying a full-on lounge set is not practical, so if you are in this situation, you will need to be unique in your approach and find something different. Make sure that whatever you buy requires little maintenance and does not break the bank.

  • Come to terms with not buying everything at once

Before making any hasty decisions, make sure that you have set a budget early in the process of what you can afford. Purchasing all your furniture in-the-moment is not always an option. And even if you have saved, the likelihood of you being limited and forced to stick to a budget is most probably high.

As much as you want to have your place fully furnished and ready to be showcased to the world, this won’t be happening in your first month. Over time, the more you get used to your space, the easier it will be to find items that will work perfectly in different areas. With the decor industry constantly introducing new trends, you might find something that you fancy, giving you time to save up and appreciate it more.

  • Buy furniture and rugs that fit your space

Again, if you don’t know your space then you won’t be able to buy a rug that will fit perfectly. Adding a beautiful statement piece to the floor can really change the way your room looks, so it should be the first thing you put down when designing the layout of your furnishings.

  • Pair your bigger furniture with your smaller furniture

Your furniture should be placed in such a way that bigger furniture complements the smaller furniture. Do not over-clutter your space with unnecessary objects. Keep things clean and simple, and when you do place things close together, be wary of the spacing. For example, make sure that your coffee table is placed at least half an arm’s distance from your couch. The same goes for bedroom pedestals. The cleaner and more spacious the room is, the more comfortable you will feel.

  • Do not forget to take measurements

You might know what your space looks like in your head, but not having a clear measurement of your lounge space could affect the size of the furniture you want to buy. When it comes to furniture shopping, It is already such a stressful process, so rather make it a lengthy one. You don’t need to rush it.

Rather go to the store, measure out what you are interested in and then come home and see if that size will fit into your designated space. Measurement does not only refer to the size of the object but also the measurement of your doorway and passageway. There is nothing worse than coming home with something that cannot fit through your front door.

  • Do not ditch the little things that make your home unique

This goes hand-in-hand with your lifestyle. Your home is a place of comfort. It is supposed to be unique and tell your guests more about who you are and what you like. As much as you would want it to look like a home on MTV Cribs, what is the point of decorating a home that has nothing personal about it? It’s the small details that makes your place different and more welcoming to others.