Mistakes to avoid when decorating a studio apartment

If you live in a small apartment, you know all to well that decorating it can be somewhat difficult. You have to be sure to choose colours and accessories that gel with each area of your apartment, otherwise it can look like cluttered and disorganised. But nobody is perfect, and you might end up making some decorating mistakes along the way.

Not sure how to start decorating? You should look for some Homechoice couch covers in a neutral colour and build up from there. Before you go out and buy couch covers, however, be sure to think about how you want to the space to look and feel. And be sure to look for couch covers in Pretoria and surrounds that fit your couch perfectly. Below are some top tips on what not to do when decorating your studio apartment.

Never treat it as one room

This is a common mistake that many people make in their studio apartment. If you treat it like one room, it will not feel like a home. And you will not be maximising your space but rather creating a place that has no flow and too little floor space available.

You should always try to divide up a studio apartment into different areas. For example, you should lay out furniture according to how you want to design the space. Place different rugs in your living area, eating area and sleeping area. This will helps you to define the different “zones” in your apartment. After all, nobody wants to eat dinner and watch TV on their bed, and you cannot entertain guests without the right seating space.

Stop shying away from colour

We all know that white and light colours will make your small space feel bigger. But this does not mean that you should not use any colour in your apartment. You can use a rich burgundy on a feature wall to bring warmth to your living area or use a bright blue to make your bedroom feel more energised.

One important thing to remember when using colour is that you should not use too much of it either. For example, create a feature wall in a rich jewel tone and hang some art in gilded frames for extra elegance. Or, for a cosy bedroom, you can paint your wall in a rich chocolate brown. If you cannot paint your walls, bring in colour with accessories such as couch covers, throws, cushions and wall art.

Keep scale in mind

When you choose furniture for a studio apartment, you will need to keep the scale of the space in mind. It is difficult to imagine how your new furniture will look without a scale, so you will need to be sure that you have drawn out a floor plan with the correct measurements before going shopping.

This way, you can see what will really work in your apartment, rather than finding out the hard way that your three-seater day-bed is too large for your living area. Be sure to draw your furniture and large appliance choices into your plan, so you are absolutely sure about what to choose. You might think that a lounge suite is a perfect solution to your seating area, but it could be too large for your space. Or you might be dreaming of having a queen-sized bed to sink into at night, but if it encroaches on your dining area, it might not be the best idea.

Choosing the wrong curtains

Having the right curtains can truly transform a room. But it is important to choose curtains or drapes in the right length and size for your apartment. Be sure to mount the curtain as high as you can for optimal draping opportunities.

You will need to look for curtains in the right colour to match your aesthetic or opt for neutral tones such as grey, white and beige. Choose curtains that just touch the floor, any longer will look out of place and can make the room feel smaller. Don’t choose curtains that are too heavy or dark, as this can also shrink the space. Be sure that your curtains are the right width and fit perfectly onto the rod. This way they will fall correctly and not look awkward when opened or closed.

Keep it simple

If there is one piece of advice you should always remember when decorating your apartment, it is to keep it simple. Bringing in too many colours and patterns will clutter the space and overwhelm the eyes. But this should not deter you from introducing some colour into the mix.

Remember, never think of it as one room and always keep scale in mind when looking for furniture. The right curtains will make all the difference, and soon your small apartment will become a cosy home.