Why you need an aircon in your guesthouse

As the owner of a guest house, you are almost always looking for ways to improve the experience of your guests. This includes installing stunning new Bosch appliances in the kitchen and living room, having decadently upholstered couches in the lounge and allowing your guests the ability to control the temperature of the rooms they are in.

You may think that simply having a fan in the room will help, but nowadays most guests expect an air conditioner in at least one room of a guest house. Below are some reasons why you need an aircon in your guesthouse.

Effective cooling that lasts

As with many appliances, such as a Bosch washing machine, an air conditioner is built to last longer than a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can have any number of defaults and there is also the danger of it coming loose and falling onto the guests beneath it.

With the right maintenance, your air conditioner can last for upwards of five years which can save you money and ensure that guests remain happy whatever time of year they visit. An air conditioner also provides effective, even cooling, unlike a fan that may only cool down one section of a room or simply move hot air around an already stuffy room.

Electrical appliances raise the room’s temperature

Electrical appliances such as that stunning Bosch fridge in your guesthouse kitchen, play an important role in our lives. Your guests will likely use the electrical appliances provided on a near daily basis during their day, which means the room temperatures will be raised and become ‘sticky’.

An air conditioner will help to regulate the temperature of the room, making it more pleasant and less oppressive. The humidity of a room can easily be raised by using too many appliances at once, which is where an air conditioner can help immensely. The most preferred temperature of a room is 25℃ with 50% humidity for the ultimate comfort.

Humans produce heat, too

A fan can only do so much in a room full of humans talking, moving around and breathing. People in a room together can produce a lot of heat, and if you have five or more guests staying in one suite of your guest house, you will need a way to cool them down effectively.

Having an air conditioner in at least one of the common areas of the suite will allow your guests to stay cool no matter how many people are in the room, saving them from having to drown in their own sweat. Human heat, combined with external heat from the weather can create unpleasant conditions, the perfect reason to invest in an aircon for your guest house.

Humidity can cause damage to belongings and property

One fact of living in a country like South Africa is that we experience a lot of humidity during  certain times of the year. This humidity can cause damage to not only your belongings but your property too, which is vital to know as a guest house owner.

Air conditioning can help to lower the humidity of a room, making it difficult for moisture and mould to form from humid temperatures. The ideal humidity level is somewhere between 40 percent  and 60 percent, any higher can cause illnesses, discomfort and mould to flourish. Not only will you be protecting your property from damage, you will be ensuring that your guests are comfortable and more likely to enjoy their time, leaving you positive reviews online.

Heat from the sun

We live in a country that is no stranger to the sun, which means that your guest house will have to cater for guests who may be battling in the harsh conditions. The sun generates rays that can significantly raise the temperature of a room, especially if it is shining in through a window.

The walls and roof of your guest house can also contribute to a raised indoor temperature if they have been baking in the sun all day. Air conditioners can help to cool a room almost instantly, whereas fans simply the same warm air around a room, ultimately achieving nothing much in the way of temperature control. As a guest house owner, ensuring that your guests are comfortable while they are in your care is vital, something which an aircon can help you achieve.

Unwanted guests love humidity

As well as damaging your property and belongings, a humid guest house also brings with it pests, such as dust mites, flies and mosquitoes. According to some studies, a dust mite issue can be completely cured by reducing the humidity to under 50 percent.

High humidity levels increase organic decay, which all manner of pests thrive on. Your guests will not appreciate entering a suite that has mould and decaying walls, let alone one that has a dust mite or mosquito problem! This is why having an air conditioner is vital, you will be keeping your property clean from all pests and ensuring that guests are not uncomfortable or bombarded with humidity-loving insects.