What you need to know before turning your home into a B&B


Turning your home into a bed and breakfast (B&B) is like living in a gold mine: you know the gold is there, you know how to get it and you know soon you’ll be extracting your fortune. But, you need to make sure you’ve covered all your bases before you launch into the startup phase of managing your own B&B.

If it were as simple as renting out your spare room, everyone would be doing it. Here are a couple of factors that you need to be aware of.


Get permission


Permission from your local council to start your B&B will depend on the amount of building work you need to have done to your property. Even if you don’t require significant upgrades, you may still need permission from your local council to run a B&B from your home. This is especially true if your area already has many B&B establishments.


Doing the renovations


You may need to consider applying for property finance if you want to do any significant upgrades. B&B regulations will depend on the size of your home and the number of guests you want to accommodate. Regulations for B&Bs can change quite often, particularly with regard to health and safety. Always refer to an up-to-date source of information from your local council when doing your research. You will need to take precautionary measures such as installing emergency lighting and fire safety signage. You’ll also need to be sure your building contractor has made the necessary provisions. Your property might need renovations in regard to the toilet facilities as there needs to be completely separate toilet facilities for you and your guests. To make these upgrades, you may need to break away internal walls and doors.


Room preparations


You want to make a good impression on your guests. They should feel welcome, enjoy their stay and be happy to return to your establishment. The guest area, bathrooms, dining room and lounge area always need to be clean and smell fresh.

This is also the perfect time to update your home interior. Consider carrying a theme throughout your home or give each individual room a revamp. Spend money on new furniture for the guestrooms or buy quality second hand furniture that you can refurbish. Buy quality linens and decor items that suit the theme you’ve chosen.

You are in charge of your B&B; you set the rules and you set the tariff. Make your home beautiful and function, but importantly, always try to be a good host in order to ensure your new venture is a success.