Prepare your garden for a home viewing: follow these tips and tricks

When preparing your property for a viewing, it is important to remember that the very first thing potential buyers see is the garden. A beautifully manicured lawn will surprise and delight those who have come to view your property, while a dishevelled and overgrown garden could scare everyone off before they even get inside the house.


If you want to create a stunning garden without spending hours labouring away, follow the tips and tricks below to easily prepare your garden for a home viewing.

Mow the lawn

This might sound like simple (and obvious) advice, but mowing your lawn can make a world of difference. Long and unkempt grass does not look pleasant, and when it comes to property viewings, the book is definitely judged by the cover, so to speak.


Be sure that you mow equally in all areas, you do not want a patchy lawn. This could give viewers the wrong impression and could lead them to assume that the yard is difficult to manage. A neatly trimmed lawn not only looks great but creates a good first impression on all potential viewers. If you mow your lawn at least an hour or two before viewers arrive, the aroma of freshly mowed grass will linger pleasantly in the air.

Clean and condition your deck

If you happen to have a deck in your front or backyard, you will need to clean and condition it before any potential buyers come to view your property. Ask decking suppliers for eco-friendly wood treatments to make your deck shine and look as good as new.


A clean and newly stained deck will entice potential buys, allowing them to imagine themselves standing outside sipping coffee as they watch the sunrise or sharing cocktails with friends on a balmy spring evening. If your decking wood is older, look for decking timber that can replace any broken or damaged boards to ensure your own safety and that of potential home buyers. If viewers see that they have to make too many repairs to the exterior, it could be a deal-breaker.

Remember, this is not about you

Garden lovers tend to have a way of letting their impulses get the better of them, with nursery shopping sprees ending in an eclectic mix of plants, flowers and herbs to be lovingly grown and nurtured. This can result in too much visual noise for potential home buyers.


Now, you do not have to start your garden all over, but it is best to tame the wildness and create a symmetry to your garden. You could also consider planting flowers in ordered groups such as warm and cool colours together. Your shrubs should be neatly trimmed, because while you may not mind the overgrown look, potential buyers may see it as a garden that is too much effort to look after. Make your garden appealing and low-maintenance to ensure a sale.

Kerb appeal

Your mission is to get potential buyers out of their cars and into your house. One way to do this is to create a beautifully manicured kerb, which is the first thing they will see when pulling up to your house.


Overgrown trees that hang over onto the kerb should be trimmed by a professional, and you should plant some pretty ground cover and flowers to really make your kerb standout. You can use decking timber to create a designated flowerbed for flowers or group together potted succulents for a unique display. Be sure that the grass on your kerb is always mowed on show days and trim back any tree branches and hedges that are untidy.

Show them the way

A garden path made with attractive pebbles or cobblestones is a unique element in any garden, and will certainly surprise and delight potential home buyers. You can choose to have the paving stones arranged in a pattern or keep it simple and minimalistic.


An effective way to show off your garden path is to install solar lighting all along it, making it easier to see at dusk and in the evenings. Be sure to wash your paving stones before the show day to ensure they are pristine and that they draw the eye up towards your house. If you have a particularly beautiful spot in your garden, highlight this by placing garden furniture in or around this spot so that viewers notice it quickly and easily.

Final thoughts

Preparing your garden for a home viewing may sound like a lot of extra work, but it is entirely worth it and could be the deciding factor for many potential buyers. You will need to do some basic maintenance, such as mowing the lawn and cleaning and repairing your wooden deck. Plant flowers and other plants that appeal to more than just your own eyes, as well as being easy to maintain for those who may not have a green thumb.