How to prepare your kitchen for rental

If you are planning on renting out your home or your granny flat, it is important to prepare every inch of the space before your tenants arrive. One of the spaces that you should spend a large amount of time on is the kitchen, as this is the heart of the home for many people. Not sure how to do this? Read on for advice on how to prepare your kitchen for rental and make your tenants feel right at home.

Clean it out and remove all previous tenant’s belongings

The most important step to take is to clean out your kitchen and ensure that all belongings of previous tenants have been removed. Be sure that you check in the refrigerator, shelves, pantries, underneath the bathroom sinks, and the cabinets for anything left behind that may be mouldering or unpleasant for the current tenant to find.

Perform a deep clean, ensuring that all fixtures and plumbing are in good working order while you do so. If you are going to be including appliances such as a fridge or stove, make sure they’re clean. Clean the oven and the stovetop, removing all crumbs and spills. If you have any cast-iron pots you are including in the rental unit, be sure to clean those before your tenants move in too.

Ensure the essentials are in working order

As a landlord, you have a legal duty to ensure that all aspects of your home or granny flat are working, including lights and electricity. You will have to ensure that the plumbing is in working order, and you may have to replace broken washers in the taps and repair pipes that need unclogging or have burst.

An extractor fan is essential in a kitchen, so be sure that you have one installed before your tenants arrive. If you already have an extractor fan, be sure to clean it thoroughly and test to see that it is still in working order. If you have a dishwasher, be sure that it is still connected correctly and that it is not broken or in need of replacement. Once you have checked that the essentials are in working order, you can move onto the next step of preparing your kitchen.

Eliminate odours

The worst thing for new tenants to experience is an unpleasant odour as they walk into the kitchen. Be sure to empty out all garbage bags and clean the rubbish bin thoroughly before your tenants arrive.

To further eliminate odours, clean the fridge out and throw away all old food items that your previous tenants may have left behind. If the oven has been used, you should clean and air this too. Leave the windows open for a few hours or days, if possible, to let in fresh air and wash or replace dirty curtains. You could put a room diffuser in the kitchen with a pleasant smell, such as vanilla or jasmine, to further dissipate unpleasant odours.

Be practical

Decorating a flat for renter can be fun, but when it comes to furnishing a room like the kitchen, it is best to be practical. Look for appliances that your tenants will use regularly, such as a microwave, a kettle and a toaster rather than looking for new-fangled devices such as Instant Pots or pressure cookers.

Arrange the room in such a way that natural flow is enhanced and access to the appliances is easy. If you are buying new appliances, crockery and cutlery you should ask yourself, ‘Would I be upset if the tenant damaged this?’ It is best to buy cheaper, good-quality crockery, cutlery and appliances than expensive and pretty options for tenants as there is always the risk that they may break it.

Include cleaning supplies

Once you have finished cleaning your kitchen, leave a small welcome package of cleaning supplies in a cabinet or on the counter for your new tenants. The cleaning supplies could include dishwashing liquid, all-purpose surface cleaner, scourers, a mop and a broom and dustpan.

Your tenants will appreciate the gesture, and it will ensure that they realise you would like them to keep the kitchen (and the rest of the space) clean and hygienic. Your tenant is also more likely to use the cleaning supplies if they are provided to them. Many people forget to pack basic cleaning supplies when they move, so this is a thoughtful gesture that they will appreciate, and actually use.

Spruce it up

An important aspect of preparing your kitchen for renters is to make sure that it looks attractive. You can improve the appearance by giving the walls a new coat of paint, cleaning the grouting in the tiles and replacing water-damaged counters with a new surface. Remember to clean your kitchen thoroughly and eliminate all odours before your new tenants arrive. Include some cleaning supplies as a thoughtful welcome gift and enjoy the company of your new tenants in a clean and fresh kitchen.