Securing your property from intruders


The best way to protect your goods from being stolen is to take them inside after you’ve used them. Leaving bicycles or garden furniture outside will only lure criminals to your home. You can protect your valuables from intruders by taking the following preventative measure to secure your household items.


Install a motion sensor light


Good outside lighting that has a timer function will help, but best of all is a motion sensor floodlight. Motion lights can detect any type of movement which will make it difficult for criminals to try to get close to you window without being seen.


Don’t make it easy for criminals


Avoid having tall or thick shrubs next to your windows and doors. Thieves can easily conceal themselves behind shrubs. Instead, put up wooden fencing around the perimeter of your home.


Avoid showing what you have


Don’t showcase your most prized possession. If you’ve bought goods such as flat screen TVs or laptops, conceal the boxes before throwing it in the bin. Our bin is a clear indication of our lifestyle and it’s best to keep your household items away from prying eyes.


Change your route every now and again


Burglars survey a neighborhood before they might consider robbing your home. They’ll keep track of your comings and goings before they strike. Having neighbours who are at home during the day will make your house less of a target for a break-in. However, if your neighbourhood is relatively quiet, with not much movement from neighbours, you might want change your normal routine every other week for criminals be not to be aware of your every move and how you go about your daily life.


Be wary of what you put out there


Don’t put up signs in your window displaying the name of your security company. This may be a preventative measure to caution intruders but putting it up may not be a good idea. If they know which brand of security system you use, they may be able to disarm your alarm with enough information. Rather get a generic sticker to be on the safe side.


Get a dog


Having a dog is an age old method that has always deterred burglars. The bark of a dog is more likely to scare off a burglar, as it’ll be able to alert you or your neighbours. The last thing burglars want is attention drawn to them by a yapping dog.


Although you may not be able to completely make your house break-in proof, you can make your house less of a target than the other houses in your neighborhood.