Sleep tight: top guest bedroom essentials

A guest bedroom is an asset to your home. You can use it for family who come to visit  over the holidays or you could choose to rent it out on Airbnb to bring in a little extra money. Whatever you choose to do, you will need to ensure that you have some bedroom essentials to make it feel like a home away from home. 

If you are not sure where to even start looking for bedroom suites, bedroom furniture or artwork to suit the room, there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow. Read on below for just some of the top guest bedroom essentials to make your guests comfortable and content.

A matching bedroom suite

Many people overlook their guest bedroom and often use bedding that they do not like or use often. But it is important to look for matching bedroom suites for your guest bedroom. Not only will it help you to create decor that is synchronised but it will make it more pleasing on the eye.

You should also ensure that the bedding set is fresh and clean before your guests arrive. Look for bedroom suites that will easily match the wall colours that are already in your room. For example, if you have pale blue walls, look for a floral pattern with light blues and greens. If you have a darker grey wall in the room, opt for a bedroom set in dove grey with pops of colour. Your guests will appreciate a room that has some thought put behind it.

Bedside tables and reading lights

Not having bedside tables and reading lights will make your guests’ stay awkward and feel somewhat uncomfortable. They will have nowhere to put their belongings that need to be in easy reaching distance. And if they are readers, not having a reading light will be disappointing.

You should look for bedroom furniture that will match your overall colour scheme and whatever bedroom suites you have. Be sure to choose bedside tables that have extra storage for guests to store important items. Bedside tables with crisp, clean lines work best in a more modern guest bedroom whereas those with more curved lines and softer colours are ideal for a vintage-inspired guest bedroom.

Soft and fluffy towels

Whether your guests are family or holiday-makers in need of a room, you should provide soft and fluffy towels. There is nothing better than getting out of a warm bath and wrapping yourself up in a soft towel, and your guests will appreciate this immensely.

Be sure to find towels that match the decor of the guest bedroom and your bathroom. Or you could go for a classic look and choose simple, crisp white towels. White towels are perfect for any bathroom and bedroom style, but be sure to keep them clean to maintain their crispness. If you have bedroom suites that you particularly prefer, you can match your towels to these. For example, a lavender towel will match a purple floral bedroom set perfectly.

Extra adapters and outlets

In today’s modern age, almost everyone relies on their cell phones and electronic devices. Which means that you will need to provide them with a place to charge them. You will need to offer extra adapters and outlets to guests so that they are never out-of-touch with the world while staying in your guest bedroom.

Look for adapters that have multiple points for both three-prong and two-prong plugs. Your guests might need to plug in a charger that has two prongs or a tablet charger that has three, and not having these options will make their time in your home difficult and unpleasant. If you cannot install an extra outlet in the guest bedroom, you should offer your guests the option of charging their electronics in the hallway outside the room for easy access or in the living room for comfort.

Basic toiletries

While most guests will bring their own preferred toiletries with them, you should provide them with some basics for their stay with you. This way, they will not leave their own behind accidentally or use toiletries that leave stains or unpleasant aromas in your bathroom.

You can go to any beauty store or pharmacy and find travel-sized toiletry canisters so you can decant shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand soap into them. Choose toiletries that are hypoallergenic and perfume-free so they will not cause any skin irritation for your guests. Look for containers that are reusable so you will not be creating more waste and to save money. Your guests will appreciate these extra touches that make them feel special and comfortable.

Keep it simple and comfortable

A guest bedroom does not have to be elaborately decorated and furnished. All you need are some matching bedroom suites, bedroom furniture that is both functional and attractive, and soft towels for guests to cuddle up in.

Be sure to match your furniture and bedroom suites for a room that looks and feels pulled together, and opt for calm, cool colours for the room. Soon your guests will feel completely comfortable and at home in your home.