Thoughtful items to put in your guest bathroom for visitors

Having guests over should be a great reason for you to spruce up your guest bathroom and provide them with some thoughtful luxuries. Other than your kitchen and living area, a bathroom can say plenty about your cleanliness and living standards, so make some effort for your guests to help them feel welcome.


When guests get their own bathroom, it makes them feel more comfortable. In order to make them appreciate your effort, try adding some of these special touches to your guest bathroom.

Brighten up the space


Add some light to the bathroom that your guests are going to be spending time in. If the curtains or blinds are dark, don’t leave them down. Open up the windows and let some fresh air come in. Also, try and match your bathroom sets to your items. For example, if you’re used to leaving colourful towels in a completely opposite coloured bathroom, make the effort to incorporate lighter colours that match.

Invest in high-quality bath linen


When you know that your guests are staying over, pull out your newer towels and leave them for your guests to use. Nobody enjoys using old, mouldy towels, so make an effort to give them something clean and fresh. Not to mention, towels are such a personal item, so guests would love to have something that makes them want to wipe themselves down after a shower. Make sure that you wash your towels in hypoallergenic detergent without chemicals in case your guests are allergic to your products. Fold them neatly, with hand towels and cloths, and place them on the toilet seat or on the bed for their use.

Provide the necessities for in case


Depending on the type of guests that you have, it’s worth leaving some necessities in the bathroom to use in case they forget their own. For example, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and soap. If you’ve travelled before and stayed in a hotel, you would know that hotel establishments always leave their guests some necessities. It’s the small things like these that will make your guests feel special.


Add fresh flowers and plants to the bathroom


There is nothing that brightens up the room like some fresh flowers and plants. Whether you’re more interested in adding some beautiful roses to a vase or you’re all about the greenery and succulents, add some freshness to your guest bathroom. Depending on the colours of your guest bathroom, try and keep everything else neutral so that your flowers or plants really stand out.


Leave them some storage space


Take a look at your guest bathroom and make sure you’ve got storage facilities for your guests to put their things into or hook onto during their stay. Another important tip is to remove anything unnecessary from your bathroom and pack it away so that it declutters the look and feel. There is nothing worse than a cluttered bathroom, so let your guests have all the storage they need for their clothing and toiletries.

Add some colour with a floor mat


As you know, toilet and bathroom mats can get extremely dirty overtime. When your guests come over, purchase a new set for them. It’s a really quick, cost-effective way to spruce up your bathroom space and make it look new. This is a real comforting treat as nobody likes walking or standing on a cold floor. Make sure that whatever mat you choose is non-slip, because the last thing you want is to cause an accident.


Keep it clean and smelling good


Often when you don’t use a guest bathroom for a long time, it can accumulate dust and make the place smell mouldy. Before your guests arrive, make sure you’ve done a bathroom deep clean to ensure that everything is clean. Leave the windows open to get rid of the humidity in the room as well. Once the bathroom is clean, leave some air freshener, room diffusers or incense in the bathroom to make the air smell nice and refreshing for your guests. If you’re someone who likes candles, incorporate some candles into the guest bathroom as they are excellent sources when looking to take bad smells away.


Invest in some decorations


Take the opportunity to incorporate some decorations into your guest bathroom by creating a warm and welcoming environment. When you create a ‘Zen’ feel in your guest room and bathroom, it will make your guests feel more relaxed and at ease. Set up a tray with some champagne, candles and chocolates to help them unwind on their vacation at your home. No matter how long they stay, it’s the small detail that will always make your guests feel welcome and happy to return to your home.

Leave them a personal note


Last but not least, leave a personal note for your guests. For example, you could write something along the lines of “Welcome to our home!” which will make them feel special. Place this card above the towels or in the bathroom, and it will certainly leave them with a wonderful impression of your hospitality.