Tips for creating a summer-ready bedroom

With summer around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your bedroom for those warm summer days and nights. From winter to summer, there needs to be a visible change in scenery in your bedroom. Get rid of the dark, gloomy bedroom feeling and bring the summer sun into your bedroom.

If you want to make your bedroom your safe haven in summer, the place where you go to indulge in some afternoon naps while the sun creeps in onto your bed, here are a few ways to recreate that look:

Focus on natural light

A light and airy room is one way to help you feel like you’re ditching the winter and embracing the summer. A bedroom with plenty of natural light looks bigger and will also make you feel lighter in spirit. If you don’t have large windows to allow this light in, look at incorporating more mirrors into your bedroom space as these will reflect light and give your room a similar feel. During this process, it’s important to give your windows a good clean. Clean windows mean less dirt and more light. In fact, simply by cleaning your windows and changing your bedroom curtains to lighter fabric, you will already see a massive difference.

Declutter your bedroom space

Winter usually means hibernation. And with that comes a messy bedroom and plenty of clutter. Most of the time, you don’t feel the need to open up your curtains or give your bedroom a makeover. But in the summer, however, that is not the case. In summer, you want to makeover your bedroom, change your bedding and give your space that much-needed light and airy feel to it. You will be able to achieve this once you have decluttered your room and spring cleaned it thereafter. You can start by cleaning out your cupboards and getting rid of any clothing or items you’ve been holding onto. After this, try to pack any unnecessary goods away neatly so that you can’t see the mess your room was. Freeing up your space will give your bedroom a minimalistic look, which will also subconsciously improve your mood.

Bring nature into your bedroom

Adding a touch of green to your newly cleaned bedroom will bring your space to life. If you like to stick to neutral colours, adding indoor plants and flowers to your bedroom can give it that touch of colour it needs. The right indoor plants can also be good for the air in the room, helping you to breathe easier and feel “free” in the comfort of your own home. Other ways in which you could incorporate the same type of outdoor experience without adding plants would be through nature-inspired prints and accessories. As it is, nature is supposed to make you feel calm and at peace, so why not add the same touch to your room.

Use light duvet covers

Since the winter days are nearly done and dusted, you need to think about changing your bedding. There are plenty of online stores that are selling affordable bedding sets in South Africa, and these sets come in a variety of different colours and sizes. Your bed is the main feature in your bedroom, so take the time to dress it up for summer and splurge on king size pillows available in South Africa. Big cushions and fresh-looking bedding will make you excited to go to bed at night. And, the lighter the material, the easier it will be to make up in the mornings. Now, you don’t have an excuse to leave your bed looking messy.

Remove any additional blankets that could make your sleeping arrangement uncomfortable, and try to stick to light colours with your duvet cover. You can also dress your bed up with darker pillows and throws, but keep your main colour soft and light. This way, your bed won’t draw in as much heat during the day.

Keep cool with a fan or aircon

Once you’ve cleared out your bedroom, changed your curtains and bedding to be summer-friendly, look at adding a fan or an aircon to the mix. Now that you have plenty of open space in your room, you can invest in something that can help to cool you down on those incredibly warm summer nights. At the end of the day, you need your rest and you cannot afford to miss out on sleep because your bedroom is too hot. An affordable fan or aircon will do the trick, and it’s the last touch you need to give your space a summer feel.