Tips to decorate your rental flat on a budget

Some people prefer to decorate their new apartment soon as they move in and some choose to do so after they have completely settled in. There’s no right or wrong way to go about this. Everyone has their own process of doing things. 

You’re here on this page now because you’re at the point where you’re financially able, or comfortable to start decorating your flat. You’ve saved what you can, and you’re ready to switch it up and make it more personal. This journey will need you to put your creative thinking cap on because you’ll need to stick to the rules stipulated in your lease agreement. 

You can read it over again just to refresh your mind about what you’re allowed to do it. Some landlords in many apartments to rent in JHB CBD will allow painting and some won’t, so, it’s important to know the rules. The last thing you want is not receiving your deposit on your exit day due to something that could have been easily avoided. You also don’t want to have a bad relationship with your property company

Whatever the rules, don’t focus on the limitations, instead, think up creative ways to make the place feel more like a home for you. Below, we’ve rounded up a couple of decor tips to help you with ideas on decorating your rental flat in Johannesburg on a budget. 

Wall art 

While you may be unable to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls, you can hang up removable wall painting art. There’s no standard rule on how many you can hang up, but you have to consider minimalism. Whether it’s in the bedroom or dining area, simplicity is usually the best way to go. That way, there’s breathing space, and the wall is still in view. The idea is not to mimic a museum or cause any clutter. There are many options available, and you don’t need to be an interior design expert to know what works. It’s all in the colours. You need to consider an artwork that will not drown but stand out. 

Put up floating shelves 

Again, you have to be certain that you’re allowed to do this because when you DIY floating shelves, you have to drill holes onto the wall. Floating shelves will instantly give the room a facelift. It’s also a sure way of organising more decorative items such as plants if it’s in the lounge or your cosmetic items if it’s mounted in the bathroom. 

Switch up the lighting 

Lighting enhances the look and feel of the room. You can switch up lighting by adding a combination of ambient and task lighting options. In your bedroom, you can add ambient lighting bedsides a regular lamp. It’s natural lighting that’s soft enough to help you light down or reduce lighting before bed. Task lighting focuses the light on the task or activity you’re doing. It’s the most common lighting in offices. So, the lounge area is more versatile; you can explore both ambient and task lighting. You’ll use the stronger lamps when you have to need to do work-related tasks in your lounge are. You can also place light bulbs that illuminate different colours in one of your table lamps. There’s really so much you can play with when it comes to lights. Find what works for you. 

Place floor rugs 

Floor rugs are removable items, which makes them safe to place on your rental home’s floor. They are versatile enough to work on any floor fitting, whether it’s tiles or a wooden floor, you’re guaranteed to find an affordable floor rug that works perfectly against your floor. There are also a variety of sizes available, from large to medium and small, the options are plenty for you. 

Add complimentary furniture items 

Here’s the good part, furniture has no limitations, it’s removable and less damaging to the floor or wall or ceiling. Your sofas can be kitted with colourful and embroidered throw pillows. Again, minimalism is the best option to avoid your apartment looking too busy. But again, we 

recognise that people have different flat decorating styles. If you’re a maximalist, you can choose contrasting aesthetics. There are many types of coffee tables, television stands and bookshelves you can choose from. Make sure that the design, make, and colours compliment each other. 

Decorating on a budget can be a little challenging, but with a little research and planning, you can get it right. Decor ideas for small spaces are also plentiful on the internet; you just have to know what you’re allowed to do and keep that in mind as you narrow down the decor items you like. When all is said and done, you will take joy in your rental flat and love coming home every day.