Top ways to incorporate wood into your outdoor decor

Decorating outdoors can be tricky. Many of us are not sure where to start when it comes to making the outside of your house look as stunning as the interior, but it can be done. You just need to invest a little creativity and DIY hours into your outdoor decor and it will soon mirror the interior in terms of style and effort. 

One effective way to spruce up your outdoor area is to incorporate wood into the decor. You could speak to your local wood suppliers about what wood fares best in the outdoor weather, and ask if they have any offcuts that you can use for your project. Not sure where to start? Below are some of the top ways you can include wood in your exterior decor.

Create a decorative ceiling

You might not think that the ceiling of your patio or verandah means much in terms of decor, but a decorative ceiling made from prime planks from local wood suppliers can make a huge difference. It will bring in a rustic charm for a shabby chic look or add some much-needed warmth in a modern area.

If you want your space to look eclectic and creative, you can paint the planks before installing them. For those who want a more classic look, you can sand and varnish the wood in a dark stain. A decorative ceiling can also  add a stunning finishing touch to your verandah and outdoor area without you having to put in too much effort. Add some recessed lights to really capture the sparkle of the varnish and to add a welcoming glow.

Fit in a feature wall

Not many people consider introducing a feature wall into their outdoor decor. But it can bring a space to life and add visual interest to a space that was previously dull and dreary. Wood is the perfect material for this, as it brings in a warm and welcoming glow to any room.

Ask your local wood suppliers for wood offcuts to create a layered or staggered effect but you can also use whole planks and create a solid wooden feature wall. Be sure to treat the planks correctly so that they do not become damaged from the elements outdoors. If you want a more coastal or rustic look, you can choose to distress the wood using chalk paint, but if you prefer a classical look, varnish the wood and stain it to your preferred darkness.

Make a personalised sign

Fun, personalised signs are an effective way to make guests feel welcome in your home. You can place one at the front of your home with the word “Welcome” emblazoned on it or you could have on at the back with the “rules of the house” on them for guests to enjoy.

Using wood for this is effective. Not only is it eco-friendly but wood provides a unique aesthetic when it is burnt or laser cut with words and pictures. You can use light wood and ask a professional to etch words into it or you could use repurposed wood and create vintage signs with words such as “Relax”, “Welcome” or “John’s Bar” on them. These signs will add a touch of quirk to your home’s exterior that you might not get with other materials.

Create salvaged wood furniture

While new wood pieces available from timber suppliers in Cape Town are perfect for walls and ceilings, if you want to add character, salvaged wood furniture is the way to go. And it is an easy DIY project if you know how to use some simple tools and your imagination.

To create a simple but stunning wooden coffee table, look for wooden pieces with flat tops and bottoms. Be sure to treat the wood with a varnish or sealant so that it does not rot in the outdoor climates, but keep the salvaged charm of the wood. You could look for driftwood if you are near a beach and use larger pieces to create the base of a bench or ask wood suppliers for circular offcuts to use for the tops of end-tables.

Wonderful wood

Decor does not only have to be pretty to look at, but it can also be functional too. One effective way to introduce wood into your outdoor decor is to build a pallet planter for herbs or flowers. All it takes is a pallet, some soil, a plastic covering to prevent leaks and some stunning flowers or herbs.

Or you could create a decorative ceiling on your patio for visual interest and a welcoming atmosphere. A wooden feature wall with unique outdoor art and furniture made from repurposed wood or driftwood will bring some rustic charm to your home. Be sure to treat all the wood you use so that it lasts longer and will not become damaged while outside in the elements.