How to transform your guest bedroom into the nursery of your dreams

Bringing home a little bundle of joy is one of the most exciting moments for any new parents. You will be caring for a new life, showing them how the world works and showering them with as much love as your heart can produce without exploding. However, you will need somewhere for their little head to rest, cue the nursery furnishing and decorating.

If you are battling to imagine where to even begin with transforming your guest bedroom into the nursery of your dreams, this helpful guide should shed some light on the process.

Choose a colour

Spare rooms are usually not known for oozing personality, which is why colour is the  first step to take when changing a dull bedroom into one that is exciting and suitable for children. Long gone are the days of pink for a girl, blue for a boy or yellow if you are uncertain.

You can choose to make your nursery as bright or as neutral as you choose, but you should consider the way the room faces, as the light it gets during the day will affect how the colours look to you and your child. Kids bedding is available in a range of stunning colours and patterns and could provide inspiration for wall colours too. Bold colours are best limited to one feature wall and be sure to choose a colour that you can live with for at least three years, for example, lime green may not be the best choice for a baby’s room.

Thoughtful themes

If you prefer to choose a theme rather than one or two colours, be sure it is something that is easy to do decor wise. Animals or even a favourite nursery rhyme are perfect choices, and allow you to bump up the ‘cute’ factor when it comes to wall vinyls and soft furnishings.

Be sure that you look for kids bedding sets that match the theme rather than clash with it. The colour scheme, decor and accessories will help to set the mood in the room and enhance the theme. It is important to remember though that your newborn will not be a baby forever, so choose a theme that a toddler and young child will enjoy. You can redecorate as your child grows older but this can become costly. Animals, nursery rhymes or even a garden theme will translate well into toddler-hood.

Invest in versatile storage

It is best to invest in storage that will last both you and your little one for years, rather than just for the first few months. A chest of drawers comes in handy for both baby years and as your child grows, and a bookshelf can come in handy for holding not only books but toys and bottles as well.

While buying furniture that is designed for a nursery, such as a baby changing station or crib, it is also important to look for furniture that can be used as a homework desk after it has held nappies and baby grows. The furniture should match the colour scheme or be as neutral as possible so it is usable when the decor of the room changes from baby to toddler to child-friendly colours and themes.

Let there be light

A guest bedroom is often geared toward adults or older guests, with bright ceiling lights and wall-mounted task lighting. However, a nursery needs a different kind of lighting, one that is not as harsh and the room needs to be able to be darkened with ease for when your little one (finally) goes to sleep.

You should invest in  lined curtains that are heavy enough to fake darkness for a daytime nap. A good side-lamp or nightlight is also a good idea, as this will allow you to read with your baby as your rock him or her to sleep, allow you to check measurements of medication and easily check on your little one at night. Avoid using a too-bright ceiling light, opting for a lower-wattage bulb that will not hurt your baby’s eyes.

Find the perfect flooring

You do not have to choose the extreme route and pull up all your flooring to install something new, but it is important that the flooring in your nursery is conducive to safe, healthy and hygienic floor play.

You will need to decide if you want soft flooring, such as a plush carpet or hard flooring like wood or tile in your nursery. While a soft floor might seem ideal for a young child, it is important to remember that carpets need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis to remove stains and other dirt, whereas tile or wood flooring can simply be mopped after a day of messy play. The flooring should suit the rest of the nursery theme and colour.

Playing for keeps

When transforming your guest bedroom into a dream nursery, it is important to remember that your baby will not be a baby forever, so you will need to decide on a theme that will translate well into their childhood unless you enjoy redecorating challenges. Look for decor that is pleasing to the eye and also mentally stimulates your child. Soon you will have to put up with the design choices of teenagers, so take this time to design a nursery that is as cute and special as your little one.