How to turn a garden shed into a stunning guest room

A garden or storage shed is a common structure that many people have in their gardens. They are often  forgotten about and used as storage for garden refuse and other equipment that is hardly ever used. So, if you are looking for a unique use for your garden shed, or would like more space for visitors in your home, then you could transform it into a stunning guest room. Read on for helpful hints and advice on how to do this.

Check the foundation and safety

The most important first step you will need to take for this transformation is to check the foundation and safety of the structure. If the boards on the floor or the walls are rotting, warped or broken then you will need to repair and replace them.

You will also need to ensure the foundation is solid and well-built enough to handle heavy furniture and frequent movement. If you are planning on hanging wall-art or curtains, then be sure that the walls are not splintering or brittle. The foundation of the structure should be made from poured concrete or the shed should be raised with sturdy materials.

Install electricity and plumbing

Installing plumbing and electricity is essential for a guest room, as your guests will need to be able to turn on the lights when they need to and would most likely prefer to have their own private bathroom to use.

Make sure that you install enough electrical outlets to cater for at least three guests and their various cellphone and tablet chargers. If you are not a DIY-fundi then you will need to call in a professional to install your plumbing and electricity. Be sure to find out about zoning laws from your local municipality and ensure that you draw up new plans before installing anything on your property.

A new coat of paint, inside and out

You can easily transform the shed by giving it a new coat of paint inside and out. This is an affordable and effective way to refresh and rejuvenate the space, and you can be highly creative with paint.

Since most garden sheds are small, it will be a quick paint job, but be sure that you give both the exterior and interior two coats of paint, at the least, so it lasts for longer. Keep the interior simple and neutral, adding in pops of colour with accessories rather than the walls. If the shed is close to the house and you are using it as an extension of your house, then be sure to match the wall colours with your current house walls.

Plan the layout

The layout of the room can make or break the atmosphere of a space. Because a garden shed is usually so small, you should arrange the furniture so that there is a path or ‘flow’ between pieces for people to move around the room easily.

Your furniture should be arranged around a focal point, such as a painting, a coffee table or even a TV. If you have more than one couch in the living room, be sure to arrange the couches in a way so that conversation between people is easy, meaning that the couches should face each other or be adjacent to each other. Ensure that you arrange the furniture in such a way that everyone is comfortable in the room.

Choose dual-purpose furniture

Your garden shed is most likely not very spacious, which means that cluttering it with large pieces of furniture is a bad idea. Look for furniture that has a dual purpose, such as a sleeper couch or a daybed with storage underneath it.

You could install a dining room table that folds up when not in use for extra floor space or you could create a breakfast nook that doubles as a dining room table. Use wall mounted, open shelves to minimise clutter, and look for ottomans that offer storage space. Choosing dual-purpose furniture will make your guests’ stay easier and will create a clutter-free guest room.  

Quaint and cosy

A garden shed does not have to be used for storage or forgotten about in the bottom of your garden. You can transform it into a beautiful guest room for friends or family to enjoy. Be sure to check the structure and foundation for safety and any repairs that need to be done, and research the zoning and planning laws before you start anything. Once you have installed the plumbing, you can paint the exterior and interior of the shed, creating a modern haven for your guests. Look for comforting and cosy decor and furnishings to make guests feel safe and at home.