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Many businesses use some sort of chemicals in their everyday business operations for manufacturing, cleaning or to repair equipment. If you own an automobile shop, then you not only use chemicals to service vehicles, but you are also left with lubricants, oils and old parts that require disposal. Since these liquids and some parts can contain hazardous materials, it is important to dispose of these waste materials properly.

Business Responsibilities

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to properly manage any hazardous materials on your premises. You are required to minimise waste as much as you can by preventing it, reusing it if you can, recycling or recovering products that are thrown away. However, you may still have a need for a waste removal service like UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions to remove any hazardous materials on your premises.

Along with hazardous chemicals like brake fluid, motor oil and transmission fluid, the waste service can also help you get rid of used batteries and other parts that need to be disposed of properly. However, when you hire a service to dispose of your rubbish, you must make sure it is legally allowed to perform this duty. You can check online to see if the company you are planning to hire is registered to dispose of hazardous materials.

When the company picks up rubbish from your business, you are also required to fill out a consignment note each time a load leaves your company. The consignment note tells where the waste originated from and who the holder of the it was. This note then stays with the load until the hazardous materials reaches the disposal site.

Hazardous waste

Disposing of Waste

If you think you can save money by handling the disposal of rubbish yourself, you may be mistaken. Any company that disposes of rubbish, whether or not it is hazardous, must be registered as a waste carrier. You also have to separate your rubbish when it is transported and dispose of it properly at the correct disposal sites.

Waste removal services like UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions already have the appropriate containers and equipment to dispose of all types of hazardous materials properly. By hiring their waste services, you are saving your company both time and money. You don’t have to learn new regulations or buy the costly equipment you would need to dispose of hazardous chemicals, or old car parts like batteries that have other hazardous materials in them.

Rejected Loads

The person at your company who is responsible for filling out the consignment notes needs to make sure they are filled out correctly. If not, the rubbish could be rejected by the disposal site, and you would need to make other arrangements to correct the problem.

The waste would either have to be returned to you or be taken by another consignee for disposal if possible, with the arrangements made within five days of the rejection. Hiring a waste removal service like UK Commercial Cleaning Solutions allows your automotive shop to dispose of its hazardous items properly to prevent harm to the environment.