Unusual ways to showcase art at home

Having a collection of art to show off in your home is an exciting experience. You will be able to show your friends your good artistic taste, show off your diverse array of modern and contemporary African art and see your favourite pieces anytime you like. However, it can be difficult to showcase art in your home without the display becoming boring. If you are looking to spice things up with your art display, read on for some unusual ways to showcase art at home. 

Use alternative frames

Art does not always have to be framed in the traditional way. You do not always have to think of ‘traditional frame + matting + mounting board + money’ when it comes to framing your favourite poster, print or even painting. You can break the mould and try something different.


Clipboards offer a unique aesthetic to a room, all you have to do is mount it on to your wall and clip a print to it. Simple, easy but quite visually effective. You could use string to clip photographs to using wooden clothes pegs to secure them or you could use old metal clothes hangers for larger pieces. By thinking outside of the frame, you will create a stunning art display for your friends to marvel at.


Play with colour

If you have a wall or a room that is painted in very neutral tones, you can spice it up by hanging up some colourful paintings, prints or display bright sculptures on shelves or tables. Similarly, if you have a wall or room that is painted in bright colours, you can use black and white or monotone prints to balance it out.


A unique way to introduce colour to hanging wall art is to place your prints or posters in a brightly coloured cardboard background before framing or hanging them. This way, they will stand out against a dull background but you will need to be sure that the cardboard does not clash with the picture itself. A pink backing will not do well with a bright yellow abstract artwork, so be sure you practice the looks first before the final hanging.

Lean and layer

You might have a collection of African art that you want to display together but have no idea where to start. Leaning and layering the pieces will create a highly interesting visual display and is ideal for those who might not be able to drill into their walls to hang art.


Leaning involves leaning prints, paintings or even framed posters against the wall in a coherent display, in a way that you can see each one. Layering involves using accessories, such as African art figurines or small sculptures that fit the theme of the room, to place in front of or around your leaning art pieces. It will give the display depth and will also allow you to save space that might have been taken up by knick-knacks lying around.

Contrast can create cohesion

If you have a sleek, modern aesthetic in your home, you can create a stunning display of traditional African art woven baskets or Shwe-Shwe art pieces to contrast this. It will bring the room together and will create cohesion in the room.


In a more traditional or eclectic space, you could hang some modern abstract paintings or display some minimalist sculptures. Mixing and matching is all part of creating an artistic display, so have fun and let your imagination take charge. You will need to remember to keep the pieces proportional so that they do not look too small in a large space or too cluttered in a small space.

Simple shelving

If you have empty shelves in your living room, you can use these to display small framed paintings by leaning them against the wall behind or you could fill them up with carefully chosen sculptures and objects to create a unique display that does not take up much effort.


You could install floating shelves onto an empty wall to use as part of a display or you can hang paintings from a built-in bookshelf or display unit. This is not a new idea but you can play around with the size of the artwork, the colour of the artwork or even the theme of the art. For example, you could hang contemporary African art in a room that has a traditional feel or colourful pieces in a neutral-themed living room.

Have fun and experiment

Displaying your art at home is a fun and rewarding experience. You should not take it too seriously, but it is important to remember to create a cohesive display that does not clutter the wall or the room. Try hanging posters or prints without using traditional frames, and play with colour when choosing which wall to hang them on or which pieces you want to put up. Leaning and layering is an effective way to create depth and visual interest, and do not be afraid to play with different textures and styles. Soon enough, you will have a home art display to surprise and delight your friends, family and yourself.